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  1. When will i become owner? I meant owner, not co-owner. Congras Ferr, love u all.
  2. Congras spooky! Don't know what else to say. Thanks everyone for working to keep this community up.
  3. I don't remember asking someone to drop their best known weapon and use something else. Again, if you think AWP is overkilled in this game, buy yourself 1. Its not like CT is the only side who can buy AWP. Anyway, I'll just stop here. No need to argue for the same thing over and over. I'll let the staffs and owners decide. If they disable awp, I will just quit playing in D2. Promise no complains from me.
  4. This again? Seriously STOP with the complaints. I think I play almost everyday and I only see Princess like once in awhile. No offense to you Princess, but nobody forces you to play in D2. Like me, I love Classic but I don't play in there because I can't buy the weapon I want with the restricted money. What fun playing if I can't enjoy it myself? I see many people who are good with AK. Should I request to have the AK restricted? Like 5 AKs per team? Let's see how people would react to that. For the last time, if you think AWP is overkilled, get yourself an AWP. You can even buy 2 A
  5. I hate smoke but did you see me asking to remove it? No, right? You win some, you lose some, it's normal. Don't just ask for things that comfort you and leave everyone else feeling out. I'm getting tired of all the complainers. Right now, everything works for most people, so just leave it alone. Thank you.
  6. lol too much to read but i already know what u guys saying by reading the topic. btw, I don't see anyone quitting because of "too many awps".
  7. Thanks guys. Glad to see you all here.
  8. Name: BOOBs Age 8 Country: USA What are your hobbies ? Movies, Counter Strike, Youtube How did you find us ? Someone kidnapped me here Favorite game : CS 1.6
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