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YO YO YO! if anyone is interested in having his own server cs 1.6, power gaming tech is great choice.




We install you latest ReHLDS & ReGameDLL for your game server.
 We provide you a test server with 6 slots.
 We protect your game server agains any type DOS/DDOS attacks.
 We protect your game server against many exploits as well.
 You get fast download automatically with your game server.
 We give you unlimited number of MySQL databases to use.
 We provide you full support in the managment of your game server.
 We provide you simple game panel to manage your game server from it.
 No Ads in the game. We don't add any advertisement into your game servers.
 We provide game servers in two locations: Europe & America.
 We give 1 extra week for a chance to extend your game server after it's expired.
 You can get the SSH access if you want.


Locations : France Europe / Virgina US.

"All of this is just for 10 EUR/month for 32-slot Counter-Strike 1.6 server. Refund is allowed in the first week"

Click on link to get more informations ( )  

Actually our Developer @Mohamed moderate power gaming tech, so for more further informations you might talk to him through steam or you can send an msg him through forums! Also if you want to build your own mod / server feel free to talk with him.

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