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cha0zMEX- 's Admin Abuse report

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  • Admin who abused:
  • In which server:
    GC/ Dust 24/7 100FPS
  • Your in-game name:
  • Your steamid:
    STEAM_0 : 1 : 14692221
  • Admins steamid:
    no clue
  • Evidence of any:
  • Description of what happened:
    11:30 AM EST

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Just wanted to say that Red bull is abusing admin and should be removed from any admin. If he cant handle being an admin he should not be allowed to be one. Being admin is a privilege, and also a responsibility to be patient, cool and tolerable in many aspects.


Yes, I did talked shit to him because he was in spawn hiding like a no namefr that he is.  Everyone saw he abused admin in the server and the reason he banned because he said " 
[AMXBans] You are permanently banned. 
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : cha0zMEX- 
[AMXBans] Reason : ' Wallhack/Aimbot ' "


I am really concerned about this, how often is be banning people and is it legit?




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Posted (edited)

@cha0zMEX- Why did u disrespect him?  report it here in the forum instead of offending him.

@RedBuLL What do u have to say about this?

Why did u ban it for wallhack and not for disrespect?

@shado @咸鱼一条 (btw Eggy change ur nick, no one know chinese, lol?)

Edited by pKK

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Posted (edited)

not siding with anyone but here is how it went down:

*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : ofcourse this faggot redbull is in
spawn hiding.....
UCK killed (5)<Warrior> Player with m4a1
teNse? ヅ killed WATERBOARDING with awp
*DEAD* [The Global Elite] RedBuLL : shut up kid

*** Iquak_^ killed faNlegends with a headshot from m4a1 ***
*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : you suck
*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : stfu faggot

*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : pathetic
GC | Jesus of Nazareth :   wtf is going on here
*DEAD* [The Global Elite] RedBuLL : you want ban?

'cha0zMEX-' got banned permanent.
 Reason: 'Wallhack/Aimbot'
 Admin: RedBuLL
*** teNse? ヅ killed finality-mterro  MAPA with a headshot from awp ***
*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : rofl
[AoG]   *   PpjSTYLE killed faNlegends with awp
*DEAD* [Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : bring it

cha0zMEX- has left the game
*** UCK killed Bony with a headshot from m4a1 ***
NigelGoBoom killed MONSTER with sg552
[Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : and ill get unban
xzXZedinson01Zx killed Novinhooo with awp
[Distinguished Master Guardian] cha0zMEX- : go ahead abuse that admin boy.
teNse? ヅ killed `RoNdO` with awp
UCK killed LOS with m4a1
xzXZedinson01Zx killed UCK with awp
teNse? ヅ killed xzXZedinson01Zx with awp
'cha0zMEX-' got banned permanent.
 Reason: 'Wallhack/Aimbot'
 Admin: RedBuLL
Novinhooo dropped
Novinhooo has left the game
*** RedBuLL killed NigelGoBoom with a headshot from m4a1 ***
Add this server to your favorites! IP:    

*** RedBuLL killed WATERBOARDING with a headshot from m4a1 ***
(ADMIN) GC | Jesus of Nazareth :  couldnt disrepect have been enough?
Relax-Player [979] died
I'm a huge fan of Surf Gateway! died
(5)<Warrior> Player died
(ADMIN) GC | Jesus of Nazareth :  dont mind me
(ADMIN) GC | Jesus of Nazareth :  nvm

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Posted (edited)

Redbull abusing? I highly doubt it. 

u dont have permission to post here.

Thanks .

by pKK

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Posted (edited)

I banned you for being toxic , i edited it after i banned you.


Nickname cha0zMEX-
SteamID STEAM_0:1:14692221
Steam Community ID 76561197989650171
IP address  
Ban type SteamID
Reason Toxic kid
Invoked on 27 May 2019 - 08:30:18
Expires on 28 May 2019 - 08:30:18 (22 Hours 15 Minutes remaining)
Banned by RedBuLL ([Staff] RedBuLL)
Banned on GC | Dust2 24/7 |1000 FPS/NYC| ☛LgK™☚ (de_dust2)
Total expired bans 0



Edited by RedBuLL

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aight now, red plz dont ban people with the wrong ban reason even if you will be editing the ban later thank you.


chaozmex, you do admit that you have disrespected redbull, so I will be changing the ban to a regular ban for disrespect of two hours as it is your first offense.

2 hours has been passed since the ban so you will be unbanned now


and lastly, please just chill and play the game

thank you.

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