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the usual command in chat not working, ie:

timeleft not work

thetime not work

/cam not work

/calladmin not work (this is important, cannot call admins online to come and ban the hackers, which is why there are so many hackers in this server right now)


and i wanna point out this auto team plugin

u should not auto team the players that join (so many afk in this server which could ruin the game, u dont know whether its a guy not trying or afk)

auto respawn not work

no way to join spectator (this is important, too hard to spec someone that hack. discourage reporting a hacker)


beside of that, i have some extra.

do not auto bind the "c" key to +dellaser, we have "v" for +dellaser before, and "c" key should be team radio.

do not auto set fpsmax to 200, i usually have it 301.


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i should point out that chat command "nom <mapname>" is also not working. this was useful command to play maps we like

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Yes while most of the commands arent working, you can actually go to spectator btw once you join in the server just type Jointeam in console it makes you choose which team u wanna join BUT you have to join in a late round meaning it has to be in a time where you cant be auto teamed because the round already started.

And I the auto bind to c +dellaser idk why you have that because I never get that lol 

Anyways the others are true though, most of the commands are not working 

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