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so i have time me do this i rename maps of some lgk maps and roz maps and rod maps to gc maps

and me add 1 map  i upload him from web name aztec_mini

and i added map zm af conect 2017

so i think the maps like 32 map

so the link of maps i hope you added him to server 


i know he big link 

NOTE : zm af conect he with spirtes in files

now i have ideas fo game modes zp like survior and sniper

the first game mode is snipers vs dragons 

team humans is snipers and team zombies dragons

so next game mode is nightmare mode

the idea of mod is

all heros and human and fight zm lets explain

human team : 1 sniper 1 survivor 1 plasma 1 knifer and others normal human

zombie team : 1 nightcrawler 1 dragon 1 nemsis and other normal zombie and extra items of zm disabled in this mode

so i hope you love the ideas guys i have so much time working

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steve zombie plague is balanced mode. we mustn't add something which will break this balance. so...

first - zm_af_concert is really good map and i like it but we had it last year in maplist and zp management decided to remove this map since it's for only camping. this map is very disbalanced for zombies.

i haven't idea about snipers vs dragons. i only think that we have enough modes in zp. but it may be tested.

and next mode which you explained is very shitty because this will be very disbalanced too. zp has 4 human modes and 3 zombie modes. 4 strong humans vs 3 strong zombies? plasma can kill this 3 zombies together too don't talking about 3 more. let see what zp management thinks.

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thanks goood OK GUYS i know my mods was bad

so please i have time me do the maps 

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Posted (edited)

If we are going to add things, those things have to keep maintaining balance on the server.

We can not add maps, weapons or other things that disadvantage humans or zombies, we have to maintain that balance.

I have seen your great interest in wanting new things for our server, but you must see how this affects or if you maintain a balance on the server.

When giving the suggestion, you have to say how you think it will benefit the server.
Thank you for your interest ..

I hope to continue seeing suggestions from you, and that the next time you are more prepared, we do not discount the addition of new things, but we must be careful with what will be added.

We can add roz maps, and some old maps of LGK, I'll talk about that with  @oLdGamer and @Daniel



Edited by Dantes
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