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Sup everyone who make D2 great, 

First I want to say thank you from SMs to Donors to Members who help make our D2 server one of the best in the community. To be honest I was very hesitant early on during this merge because I didn't know if you guys will stay with us and make us stronger than ever or.. leave. But all of you guys embraced our new change with open arms. Change is difficult but you guys made it as seamless as possible. Our goal, with the updated forum and new servers is to make Gamerclub the premier gaming community. My hope, is that, we are an example to other gaming communities. A place where they would want to emulate us. For that to happen, it starts from the top. We have a great group of admins. Admins, we are the face of Gamerclub, most importantly D2. We set the example for what we want to achieve for our community. Admins clean hackers, respect each other and respect the players in our community. If we do that, there's no stopping us. And members you can count on our elite group of admins. If you need any help, hit up our squad of admins to help you:

Server managers:

@pKK @ferr

Head admins:

@BOOBs @Johnny @TheNoob


@Alexia @*GC* [email protected] @iMoonXIDO @oTn @ccT|2izzl3 @Google @Yoyo @Skewed041 @reK’ @empty#AI gC @HeyZus @Omiflasc @Juggernaught


@SKULLY @risker


@m1kke @tex  @Silas


Thanks guys and look forward to making us the best. 

also @Eggy and myself will be here too. (Although @eggy will probably ignore you ? ).


also thank @~NagZ~ for doing absolutely nothing and crying about it in the server so i can tag him on this. 



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