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Welcome to GamerClub (lgkclan merge)

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Greetings, everyone! This is an announcement for all our LgK members. 
First of all I would like to thanks every single one of you who has been contributing in our forums and sticking together with so much loyalty and friendship. If you are active on our servers, if you are part of the admin team, or if you just say hi sometimes in our previous chat box. 
I am here to announce that a.k.a Legend Killers will be merging with Gamer Club and we will be now under this new community name and website:

After discussions with Staff, Server Managers and so many people, we realized that what stick this community together is the community itself and everyone around, so we have decided to give a step to where we can grow with much better quality and pace.

This is a step to the progress! With this merging we will be able to join our strength, providing a forum with tons of sick and great features and being able to invest more in our servers. 
Our philosophy and way of managing servers and community will still be the same professional approach as before, with all the previous members of LgK management from Trial Admin to Staff maintaining his previous role. 

Here are some of the news regarding servers:


  • Our previous Legend Killers's Dust2 and GunGame servers located in US will both keep their ip and location, so nothing changes other than their names.
  • We will finally have the opportunity to finish our Jailbreak project for our US machine.
  • We have now a Dust2 server located in Europe, so you may check it if you are from the east part of the world:
  • The future for our Zombie Plague in US is uncertain, but we will definitely get a very new and revamped Zombie Plague and Zombie Escape servers for Europe.

Just a few of our features in our new forums:

Slowly we will be changing servers' names from Legend Killers to Gamer Club. Transition will be slow and easy so we can all get used to the tools.
I hope you enjoy our new game home and we are excited to see your feedback regarding our new features. 

For further questions I ask you to go to a member of the Staff team or higher. Or refer to this thread. 

Last, I would like to thanks Sea and Nima for the partnership, for the respect you have for our LgK members and your diplomacy on making this happen in a way that satisfy both sides equally. 
And thanks to Joe which I love and hate at the same time.

Servers IP right now:

Dust2 US:
GunGame US:
Zombie Plague US:
Dust2 Eu:

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