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First of all, let the GC Management be the first to thank you for your interest and donation to our servers and community.
You are the backbone of GC and what keeps our Server's running smoothly.
By clicking the thanks button on this post, you have agreed to read & agree to these terms and conditions before making any purchases on this site.

Terms and Conditions:


  • After donating or purchasing an item please be patience our staff will get to you minimum of 24 hours. However, your rank will automatically change to Donater/VIP
  • No refunds / dispute, This is your final and last decision to purchase.
  • A minimum donation of $5 is required to get the "VIP" rank.
  • Purchases made outside of our website through someone other than the PayPal account owners of our site will not receive customer support and anything you are given may be taken away if not purchased from the shop, do it at your own risk considering consequences. Currently @Shiro @Nima @jOe21 are the PayPal owners of our community so you are safe talking to them about purchases.
  • We do not have to provide you the item twice if you give us the wrong information and someone else gets the item you bought & uses it, so make sure you give us the correct info. The items you will be receiving are all virtual and there will be no shipping.
  • Changes to the server might occur at any time such as updates / resets that might effect the players and their purchased in-game perks. For good reason the amount of in-game currency you have might be changed as a result of that update unless you have made a purchase within 10 days of that update.
  • Remember that all of our Server Rules & Forum Rules still apply to you and failing to follow these rules will result in a punishment depending on what your crime is and what punishment is given to you by the management. You are responsible for navigating through the site and reading those important rules, not reading those rules will not be accepted as an excuse if you get into trouble.
  • You are required to read all important threads regarding the server(s) you are buying access in before you buy.
  • Our terms, conditions & regulations may change at any time and you are responsible for keeping yourself up to date with it.

Rules and Guidelines for Admin Donors:

  • On all types of hacks, BEFORE YOU BAN, you must record a Demo.
  • If you are going to ban a player for Wallhack you must use our "amx_ss" command on that player. If you are going to ban a player for Autobhop/Bhop Script you must use our "amx_forcejump" command on that player. Doing it will help our DR team alot, please use this any chance you get.
  • If you have any questions about Demos or uploading them, feel free to ask the DR team or any of our Admins. They would love to help.
  • Our Admins and Donators are not allowed to abuse their admin powers. If you get a valid admin abuse report against you, actions will be taken depending on the situation your access might be revoked.
  • Lastly, is our Golden rule, "Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated."

If you fail to abide these rules or all our other rules, actions will be as followed:

First Offense: 1 week admin suspension. No matter how much time you have left in your donation period.
Second Offense: Lose admin completely. You must buy admin again.
Third Offense: Lose admin privileges permanently from GC. Not available to buy back permanetly.
Depending on the severity of your rule violation, the punishment(s) will change.

Just to let you know, as soon as your donation expires then your forum rank will be put back to Member.


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