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How to keep our server alive? Boost Dust2 24/7

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Hi Guys, 


As everyone here knows. We need to make boost for our servers to always have players a lot.

BTW-  The player who makes the weekly boost, will be rewarded with 2 months of Super Admin.

In this topic i will teach you how to do this.

1- You must access


2- You will see HOME / SERVERS / BOOSTED / ACTIONS / LOGIN. When you hover over BOOSTED will appear WEEK / AUCTIONS / BOOST, you will click BOOST.


3- After clicking on BOOST, will appear SMS MESSAGE / PAYPAL / GTC / AUCTIONS, you will choose PAYPAL.


4- After clicking on PAYPAL, you will see




You will get the IP address (Dust2 24/7 US) and you will click check.


5- This impulse that costs € 1.20 is an impulse per hour. You can do this , if you want to help us too. 

6- You must have PayPal to make weekly or monthly boost but for many countries, you can do hourly boost by SMS. Please take a SS or the confirmation number then i can validate the donation.

7-   If you observe after clicking check will appear

PayPal week boost

Limit reached, week boost will be available on 13.04.2019. XX:XX


Unfortunately the gametracker doesnt tell us what time we can boost, it only makes the date available, in this case 04/13/2019. We have to be clicking CHECK until we can find a slot available.  If you can get a slot, you must agree to the boost and click



8- After this will appear BUY NOW is just click and proceed with the payment.



If you do it  will be helping us to keep our servers always with many players.

The player who makes the boost to publish in this topic the code of the transaction.



Thank you


GamerClub / LGK Team



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Posted (edited)

Thanks @pKK working hard on the forums, sorry been busy with work all week.

To add to your point, weekly boosts are random. You might check on that date and miss it. I suggest refreshing a lot to get it.

Also, I got lucky on the weekly boost for 2 straight weeks. I caught it on Sunday morning between 10 and 10:30 am est. Maybe there's a pattern there. Give it a try.

In addition if you do the hourly boost, server won't need it for another few hours. The players aren't going to all disappear after the hour is up. Usually stays packed for a few hours.

So for 1.2 Euro or $1.40 USD you can have a packed server for 2-4 hours depending on when you are boosting.

Thanks for all the booster, that's how we keep the server packed and the admins busy.


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Good to know, I’ll keep that mind! ?

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Posted (edited)

haha shit, had i known i would have just done it

I've been there

done it before, for lgk i mean


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