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Ranks and Roles

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If you were ever curious about what exactly your role is in the community as an administrator of one or more servers, this is the place to go to!
Look below:

The directors and heads of the community, responsible for any decisions concerning the community that are made. Has the final say in anything, what one owner says it goes. They don't really have to come in-game that much just when he has to do important bans. His main priorities are:

  • Keeping the server and forums alive;
  • Making major changes that may benefit the community & its servers;
  • Fixing major bugs, issues and anything that breaks.


The Co-Owner is the foundation of the community, he supports us from the roots. An extremely important person that the Owner depends on and the second person to go to in decision making if the Owner(s) aren't available to make one. Their main priorities are:


  • Assisting Owner(s) in maintaining the success of community's servers;
  • Oversee all community operation;
  • Making decisions when the Owner isn't available;
  • Lead and supervise Staff Team;
  • Oversee forums alongside Staff Team;
  • Help the Owner to fix major bugs, issues and anything that breaks.

The advisers to the Owner and Co-Owner. They are his royal knights and the eyes of the rules that maintain an admin team alongside their server managers. People with this rank are the most trusted in the community and have earned their rank one way or another. They would also have access to commands that admins or Server Managers might not get on all servers. Their main priorities are:


  • Manage their admin team and server alongside their Server Manager;
  • Lead and supervise their Server Manager;
  • Administrate and oversee all the forums sections;
  • Engaging with the community and offering assistance to those who need it.
  • Advise Owners and Co-Owners on very important discussions.

Research & Development(s):
The engineers of the community, these guys are the ones people always wonder what exactly they do as they seem quite similar to the Staff rank, they code plugins for the servers or forums that can help with admin duties and improve server traffic. Their main priorities are:


  • Finding ways to improve each server or forums (surveys, testing);
  • Coding plugins that will benefit the community;
  • Working together alongside the Staff team to bring improvements to the community for ease of access.

Server Manager(s):
Best of the best from the admin team who are trusted to oversee a server and the action of its admins. Admins should always go to their Server Manager if they have an issue to report as they will know the best course of action to take. Their main priorities are:


  • Approving/Denying admin applicants;
  • Supporting and teaching admins (especially trial admins) what is need.
  • Oversee the actions of their admin team;
  • Trying their best to contribute to the server in different ways (boost, event, contest, adding game modes etc).

Selected individuals who have been chosen to review demos and unban requests and come together as a team to reach formal decisions. Their main priorities would be:


  • Maintaining a good forum activity;
  • Reviewing demos with impartiality.
  • Moderating the Cheater and Unban Request section;
  • Follow higher ups instructions;


These guys are retired members of the community who have made a positive impact from Demo Reviewing to Management and so have earned themselves the rank of veteran which earns them admin access on all servers. Their main priorities would be:


  • Trying to help out admins on the server if they're available.
  • Conducting themselves professionally and not boasting about their status
  • Having a relaxed time, they're retired for goodness sake!

Admin(s)/ Trial Admin(s) :
Selected individuals to administrate a particular server or up to three servers (if you are a full admin). They work with each other to ensure the server peace is kept the majority of the time. Their main priorities are:

  • Administrating the server(s) they are an admin on;
  • Banning cheaters and maintaining the respect between players;
  • Maintaining good server activity and forum activity;
  • Follow higher ups instructions;
  • Being professional at all times, they represent the community;

Note: This thread will be updated.




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This is just a reminder for everyone, incase y'all didn't see it. Please check your main priorities for your rank. 

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