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Admin Rules

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Even since our Premium Members need to follow most of these rules and guidelines there are some exceptions:

  • Premium Members don't have to use the GC tag in-game.
  • Premium Members don't need to do the Admin job (ban a cheater in the server for example).
  • Premium Members don't need to report their inactivity or to be active in server/forum, but once you ban a player make sure to check the forum at least once in a day to upload a demo if needed.

Section I: Admin Conduct

  • You must follow the Forum Rules / Server Rules as any other user.
  • Use of racial slurs is not acceptable, this can result in demotion if evidence is provided.
  • Excessive disrespect / verbal abuse can lead to admin suspension depending on the discretion of that person.
  • Going on other communities to make trouble will receive a suspension with no questions asked.
  • You cannot use amx commands on another admin without permission. This can lead to admin suspension or termination.
  • You must keep all demos permanently. Upload it to online storage or any other type of storage if you need to.
  • You must only punish a player if you SAW and is sure the player broke a rule.
  • You must NOT stay AFK in spec when the server is full.
  • You must NOT use admin powers for your own benefit or to benefit a friend.
  • You must use the clan tag on your nickname(#GC, [GC], etc.).

Section II: Use of Powers and Banning

The majority of your job as an Admin will consist of executing bans. If the ban you're doing isn't a cheat ban, you must always try to give chances before they ended up banned as the Counter-Strike community begins to decline daily so you must be careful.

If you input any suggestive statements of insubordination, that will be grounds for immediate removal of your admin powers (ex: That's not my job, I don't have to do that, I don't feel like it).

Also, you are forbidden from using your powers on other Administrators and banning your peers if you suspect your peer of cheating then you must submit a report to Staff or higher.

While making bans, please remember you must do the following:

  • Record demo(s) for any kind of hacking ban, even Autobhop/Bhop Script.
  • Use the command amx_forcejump when banning a cheater for Autobhop/Bhop Script.
  • Record during 3 or more rounds and execute the command amx_ss at least 2 times when banning a cheater for Wallhack.
  • Learn more about demo / amx_forcejump / amx_ss

Section III: Activity

As an administrator, you are expected to be active on the server(s) you are administrating. At the same time, you are required to check the forum from time to time in case someone Ban Check (as for some of your demos) you or a player you banned make an Unban Request.

Please remember this as well:

  • You must report any inactivity that may occur to your Server Manager or Staff in charge.
  • If you are found to be inactive without reason, your admin could be temporarily removed.
  • You need to come on the forums at least once a day, there is always a very high chance you may end up being mentioned. This may seem impossible but if you're seen in-game and we have to keep waiting for you to come online on the forums to post a demo, we'll have to remove your admin temporary to grab your attention.

We hope you take note of this.
Good luck and have fun!


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