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Hi All, 

Not sure if this is the right place, don't see a tips area to help make the community better. However, I'm going to leave this here for now. Our forums / servers are getting better, but  we to b better and learn how to use our commands better. I have always respect a friend who has a lot of sway and knowledge in the 1.6 community. He is willing to give us tips and I am glad he took his time to help us. Meest please post your tips.

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Not a pro. Just a rando. Shado told me to post this here for now. You can move it to a real section once you get it on the forums.

I don't really check stuff, but leave questions, suggestions, needed elaborations if you want and if people bother me enough then I'll come back and check it.






Pedantic, yes. I don't care if you're bad, stay bad, or anything. Just try to have fun. It's fun for me getting better things at things I do and I realized maybe it's difficult to learn this game on your own. Only a miniscule amount of regs I've seen have even shown any improvement. This is here for you if you want it. If not, who cares? Just go have fun.


This stuff can also apply to some other games like CS:GO (I never played source or CZ), but even with GO there are massive crucial changes because of actual real no visibility smoke and molotovs so don't take all this as gospel.


Rates and Config


This stuff kind of matters, but not really enough that anybody just pubbing should really care about anymore. Standard rates everybody uses are cl_cmdrate "100-105" and cl_updaterate "100-105". For rate, faster connections can use higher rate of 100k or up (I use rate "200000") or just a number in the tens of thousands. I remember standard rate in the early 2000s when this game came out was about 20-30k. That was with 150-250 ping and spotty new DSL/Cable setups.


Other Commands


hud_fastswitch "0/1"

disables/enables one button press switching (1,2,3,4,5)


fps_max "101"

More fps the better so go higher if you want. 100 was the max when the game came out so I'm used to it.


gl_vsync "0"

Just making sure vsync is off.


bind [key] "stopsound"

clears loud reverberating noises when pressed (I have it binded to f - this is not enabled in CS:GO)


cl_righthand "0/1"

which side of the screen the gun is on


name "insert name"


bind [key] "buyequip"

enables one button press to equipment menu instead of going through regular buy menu (buy menu is just "buy")


bind [key] "messagemode name"

this is not necessary but is what we used to quickly change names in the past to put on different clan tags and whatnot


con_color "[0-255] [0-255] [0-255]"

R G B channels to change your ui color if you want.


cl_crosshair_color "[0-255] [0-255] [0-255]"

Can make funkier colors for your xhair than what you're given in the options menu.


m_rawinput "0/1"

I have no idea what this does because both settings have always felt the same to me.


Probably commands I've missed. Probably not a big deal.




Command for changing your interp is ex_interp. All configs usually had this at .01 or 0. Setting ex_interp 0 just takes your cmd or updaterate (I forget which) and divides 1 by it. So a setting of 100 would be 1/100, which is just .01 anyways.


Interp is not really a big deal. Most of the time when people complain somebody is interping it's not even interp. We play with a lot of high pingers and it's just how this 20 year old game tries to level the playing field with ping differences. The game lets enemy hitboxes linger for a split second longer for higher pings. It's especially noticeable on players with 120-250 ping.




So I got bored one day and made a few videos and uploaded them here:


This is NOT some gaming channel or anything. I just needed a place for videos for some friends to show some stuff. Pretty much never upload anything anyways. So don't subscribe. Just there for archiving.


One video is on sensitivity. I see a lot of jerky movements and if it's comfortable for you then it's fine, but just having a more natural sensitivity can help a lot of players. Uncomfortable sens can also lead to tennis elbow in us oldies.




Resolution: Used to play with 640x480 when this game came out. Reasoning is slightly larger pixels and less detail to pay attention to on screen. Literally all the pros used 640x480. Don't anymore because whatever. High DPI mice eventually cover for the accuracy anyways.


32-bit vs 16-bit: 16-bit is illegal in competitive play because it's easier to see through smokes. I haven't been able to change mine off 32-bit since that "last" update back in 2012? 14? 1.6 smokes are pretty transparent anyways. All smoke strats like Dust 2 mid cross required two smokes anyways.


Smoke quality: Most people I know used medium quality in the 2000s because our computers were potatoes, especially compared to computers now. Switch it if you need to, it does help.


Decal limit: Lower this if you need to. Sometimes helpful in scrims to see where bullets hit, how many explosions are on the floor, etc. But in a pub there's so many bullets everything usually gets erased anyways.




Mouse: Gaming mice do make a difference, but don't think it's going to magically make you significantly better. I use a MX510 - 20 dollars, wireless, and easily replaceable.


Mousepad: Kind of care. I use a QCK+ just for those 180 panic attacks. Get something comfortable and cheap.


Keyboard: Bleh, whatever.


Sound: GET HEADPHONES. We used to use 10 dollar radio shack headphones in the 2000s and heard where people were coming from just fine. CS is also loud as f. Don't make people listen to that.


Mic: Headset? 20 bucks on amazon. I obviously never communicate in-game, but if you want to then go ahead and get one.




This is really all about recoil control and cornering. I think I cover some in a video somewhere so go check that one out. Related to cornering, the majority of you just are not ready for anybody coming out at you. You also have no idea what you should be looking at and when. Corner correctly, be ready, and know you could've missed or f'ed up anywhere and somebody could pop up.




Frag Nade: Throw it at spots. Easy.


Flashes: Most of you assume when you throw a flash then that entire area and anybody in it is pure white. This gets you killed and is a reason nubs always cry somebody hacks. No flash except a pop flash should blind somebody. Even then, they may be gambling and have their back turned anyways.


Smokes: General rule of thumb for smokes is: the one with the greater disadvantage is the one closer to the smoke. There are exceptions like Ts pushing cat (short A), but you want smokes to block off chokes and/or the enemy's vision to the choke or to a spot and never block your own vision.



cl_radartype "0/1" but also in options to change your radar to solid or transparent. I use solid because it's easier to see.


USE YOUR RADAR. I briefly played a mmo with somebody who had advanced glaucoma and could only see about 1/12th of the screen (he was great, we devised ways to get around it). If you don't use your radar it's basically like that with everything. In basketball, it would be playing without knowing where any of your teammates go and constantly get hit in the head if a ball is passed to you. You're willingly severely handicapping yourself by not paying attention to the radar..




Just want to briefly talk about how important sound is to game sense. Try to know how far you can hear around you. You can predict where enemies are if you hear a step and know where your teammates are. If I'm in B in a 1v1 and hear a step on tunnel stairs and the enemy begins walking then that starts a timer where I have at most six or seven seconds until he hits tunnel entrance and another two or three until he enters into B. So maybe I chuck a pop flash at B tunnel entrance at that time. Your timer should generally be nil just because in a pub there's so many people and they may be walking, but you should be trying to use sound in such a way.




We only play ONE map. A very simple map at that. Learn it. Memorize it. You should be able to navigate the entire map backwards and most small sections while flashed.


Know the timings and how long you need to get somewhere. If you are on A and the bomb is planted, do not go to long A and T spawn first. That's just saying you're too scared to actually try doing objective. Same for many other iterations of CTs going around the world and walking/camping to waste even more seconds off the bomb timer.




I was going to outline each site from both CT and T but it got so boring.



-If you're in pit as a CT then you're useless

-If you're outside B tunnel on T side as a T then you're useless

-Plat is way stronger than inside site in B

-Closet should always take first contact from DD or tunnels

-Use pop flashes better

-Stop smoking B tunnel entrance to B if you're a T


Lastly, I've literally never seen anybody get better at a game or sport by playing conservatively. Take risks, keep dying, know how you fucked up, and try to do better next time. STOP dying to the round timer. It isn't allowed a gun, nades, or knife yet so many still die to it. Just go and try. You're not going to get better otherwise.


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Awesome post @meest thanks for your help. And I won't stop asking you to join our community.

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Posted (edited)

really awesome post!!! ❤️ @meest!

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