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  1. Thanks Des. Also, what's with the site giving me an "error 1015?" I'm not sure if this is on my end or on the forum side of things. It's tremendously inconvenient when all I'm trying to do is review recent forum posts and check my inbox : )
  2. Skewed here... First, I'd like to make clear my intentions. I share these thoughts and questions openly, candidly, and without a personal vendetta or any hostility toward anyone. One expects server outages from time to time and, when things are significant, one then expects an update. The majority of the GC community servers once available to the public are not available -- fine, it happens. They went down weeks ago though, and there's been an astonishingly limited amount of information available either to admins or to the public regarding the status of these servers and what's being done to resolve and make active again. What happened to the servers? When should we expect them online again, if ever? Why is information difficult to come by? We've had time to make updates to the community forum, so why not a short post about the servers and their status? I'm an easy going individual, and I also have a fair sense of what's right. One expects a community to... communicate... with each other. The longer this goes on, the longer members like myself will question the seriousness and/or ability of the community leadership to maintain and subsequently grow the membership and activity within the community. Your candid response is appreciated, and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks, Skewed