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  1. Kryptex

    One Man Squad Full Match (PUBG)

    Guys come on subscribe to my channel now :
  2. Subscribe to my channel now at :
  3. Kryptex

    BosNianBoy # 's cheater report

    Till now it is closed. Feel free to give your opinion here @Dantes if you can Thanks for reporting @BosNianBoy # next time make a longer demo. Closed.
  4. Kryptex

    GoOoD 's cheater report

    Well we dont even have the access to the ban list till now @oLdGamer @shado Can you guys add our Access to the ban list and also add a ban for this guys Thank you Thanks for reporting/Review. Closed.
  5. Kryptex

    BosNianBoy # 's cheater report

    @KapTin Yo home?
  6. Kryptex

    BosNianBoy # 's cheater report

    Alright so here are my opinion Beka : It was a short demo its clean. Beka3 : At 22:19 you can see the other player was shooting there so he would know that there were guy coming through that way And then at 22:35 There was a afk guy in CT spawn after some time the t killed him so he get sus about that place. Beka4 : At 23:55 the other person who was going first at the tunnel he got shot so he would understand there are t coming. I will go for clean here. And also next time make the demo longer
  7. Kryptex

    Welcome back!

    yay Welcome back brother
  8. Kryptex

    11 Kills SANHOK (PUBG)

    Started Yt again you guys can subscribe to my channel at :
  9. Kryptex

    Zombie Plague PBT

    Alright you can add Double barrel shotgun and also give these shotgun when the Arma round is going on not for all but half or some of them. I think the sgs is strange compare to old zp If i find a bug i will let you know.
  10. Kryptex

    Some changes

    To Balance the team amx is added but idk why it is not working
  11. Started Yt again you guys can subscribe to my channel at :
  12. Kryptex

    Foreal_Bruh 's Admin application

  13. Kryptex

    GoOoD 's cheater report

    Well when you see the status every one have steam ID
  14. Kryptex

    GoOoD 's cheater report

    Demo is Dirty. @oLdGamer Can you add the ban. Thanks for reporting. Closed.
  15. Kryptex

    New GamerClub Zombie Mod Server

    Just making video so it can be get more populated Hope so