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  1. Cheezbal6

    GIGN 's introduction

    Sup bro. welcome to GC!
  2. Cheezbal6

    Nines 's introduction

    Nines! Sup bro. So glad to have you in GC! Have you met Shado yet? hahahaha
  3. Cheezbal6

    FinZ 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
  4. Cheezbal6

    RobinHood 's introduction

    Welcome bro. Glad to have you a part of the GC family.
  5. Cheezbal6

    GC|JOKER 's introduction

    Welcome to GC
  6. Cheezbal6

    plank 's introduction

    Welcome Plankton to GC. Awesome to have you in GC bro!
  7. Cheezbal6

    Ġħøšŧłý Rõşϵ 's Unban request

    Take a look at this from today:
  8. Cheezbal6

    Kurre 's introduction

    Welcome to GC. +1 on cats. I have one now. Was multiple until recently.
  9. Cheezbal6

    ﮓuperҖiLL 's introduction

    Sup superkill. Welcome to GC.
  10. Cheezbal6

    oXide 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
  11. Cheezbal6

    gc' Xtream 's introduction

    Welcome! Glad to have you in the community!
  12. Cheezbal6

    The Boy 's introduction

    Welcome to GC. Glad to have you!
  13. Cheezbal6

    Mctimon 's introduction

    Welcome bro! Glad to have you in the community!
  14. Cheezbal6

    Future is bright

    And thanks to you Shado! Great community here and it is awesome to see owners keeping CS 1.6 going strong!
  15. Cheezbal6

    cheezbal6 server manager

    I am excited to be a part of this great community! I really look forward to jumping in with this awesome leadership team and helping out. I cant wait to getting to know more of you beyond d2 (which I live on when I play so you can probably find me there).