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  1. Dr. Rasheed

    Zombie Plague PBT

    @GoOoD Hi, I got extremely tired yesterday, and I could barely open my eyes at that time we released the server, so basically, I didn't have the chance to update the configuration. About the maps you mentioned in that post, do you have a download link to all of them with full resources included? If yes, please post links. About darkness, I will edit the configuration so that each map has its default lighting settings done when the map was originally created. Now about models, I added the base Zombie Plague 5.0.8a here and here, it simply has the default models, sounds and sprites, and that's why the Zombie Plague server is declared in PBT mode. Kind Regards, Dr. Rasheed
  2. Dr. Rasheed

    Zombie Plague PBT

    Update - The server is up and running, the current map pool is as follows: zm_2day zm_3rooms zm_abandon_v2 zm_coldsteel_v2 zm_cubeworld_v1 zm_desert_2011 zm_dust2_final zm_dust_world zm_exertion_aj_v1 zm_greylab zm_hydro zm_ice_attack zm_ice_attack2 zm_ice_attack3 zm_mechanix zm_mega_v3 zm_Milles_v2 zm_new_antarctica zm_new_army zm_oblitus zm_sector_d6 zm_toronto_v4 zm_zod_abyss zm_zod_apprehension zm_zod_aztec zm_zod_dustb zm_zod_egyptian zm_zod_fortuna zm_zod_hideout zm_zod_omega Please, if you plan on testing, make sure you test out fast download. I am 99% sure that fast download works, if not please reply here or send me a message on steam/discord.
  3. Dr. Rasheed

    Zombie Plague PBT

    Hi, Basically, I have been trying to fix a few bugs in the Zombie Plague server, that seemed to be quite unfixable for some reason, so I have had a brief chat with Daniel, Oldgamer and Shado about it. Earlier I came up with a nice idea to start the server up and make the best of it from scratch, as it does not seem possible to be fixed and I ran out of nerves on it to be absolutely honest. You might wonder what PBT stands for, PBT is an abbreviation for Public Beta Testing, as I mentioned above, I will be creating the Zombie Plague server from scratch, with all base plugins of Zombie Plague and as the time pass and we continuously update it, you will notice a lot of changes around here and there. Having a test server will be a drastic waste of resources for the meantime, so we have decided to let you guys, the public, test for us and report bugs, suggest new updates and features to be added to the server that might have existed in the earlier ZP server. As a basic idea I had in mind, if you submit a valid bug report on the forum, post a map suggestion of 5 nice maps, or post plugin suggestion of decent ideas, or post an online plugin suggestion contains 5 decent and valid plugin links, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of ammo packs that will be decided later on, and about the rewarding procedures, I will soon post a new topic with further details and reward values. Kind Regards, Dr. Rasheed (Owners and Co-Owners)
  4. Dr. Rasheed

    Old known developer

    Good to be around! Good to be back! But why always "sir"? xD ♥
  5. Dr. Rasheed

    Old known developer

    Not only that, but also a gay xddd
  6. Dr. Rasheed

    Old known developer

  7. Dr. Rasheed

    Old known developer

    Hello, Well, too bad I cannot copy the novel introduction I wrote in kik app earlier, you could have a better idea about who I am. Really disappointing I am here to help, these owners proved to be rather friendly than bossy twats, so I will be helping them developing and probably managing (?) this community, and we shall make it run as clean and proper as possible. Little information about me: My name is indeed Rasheed, and I am med-student indeed, that's why you see a "Dr." prefix in my name, I am a 24-year-old Jordanian gamer/doctor/basic-programmer. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/plebian_taurus Discord: Dr. Rasheed#3879 Kind Regards, Rasheed (Taurus)