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  1. mircea

    NoMore * 's Unban request

    google.dem google2.dem
  2. mircea

    Gaming Rig?

    I have good monitor just cpu i need with 16 gb ram and 4 gb graphics card is enough and i3 processor and other general elements
  3. mircea

    Gaming Rig?

    Want whole pc for 500$ which is around 45,000 ₹
  4. mircea

    Gaming Rig?

    Rtx 2070 cost high in my country nearly 30,000 ₹
  5. mircea

    mircea 's cheater report

    Cheaters name pandillero_yt Cheaters steamID 1:0:1753404723 21 14:45 185 1 Server Classic Describe the hacker aim bot Proof / Demo pandi.dem Proof 2 (if you have it): Proof 3 (if you have it): Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
  6. mircea

    Gaming Rig?

    i need to built gpu for 500 $ or less any suggestion
  7. mircea

    GIGN 's introduction

    WELCOME TO GC. guess u from whx
  8. mircea

    Mircea new account

    thx it has been fixed
  9. mircea

    AngryFace 's introduction

    Welcome to the community enjoy ur stay
  10. mircea

    Nines 's introduction

    welcome to the team mate enjoy ur stay
  11. I can do only one thing logout with this account and signup with new account
  12. Nina I tried out cntrl+scroll not working and tried by changing settings not working the result is same the option is missing only the notifications bell symbol is there
  13. This problem occured just after updation of my profile