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  1. pLuX

    pLuX 's ammo packs form

    in game name: pLuX SteamID: VALVE_1:0:319411578 Any comments (optional): thx
  2. pLuX

    pLuX 's cheater report

    Cheaters name predator Cheaters steamID VALVE_1:0:417252159 Server Zombie Escape Describe the hacker speedhack Proof / Demo predator.dem Proof 2 (if you have it): Proof 3 (if you have it): Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
  3. Name: aaron jay Age 23 Country: canada What are your hobbies ? playing cs How did you find us ? at the internet Favorite game : gc zombie escape