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    Zombie Escape Server Suggestions

    for the second suggestion in admin menu(specifically:banmenu) i don't think that admin should ban somebody just because he camp for permanent but it writes in banmenu: camper=ban permanent thank you for understanding
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    Zombie Escape Server Suggestions

    in GC zombie escape server,i've been seen many thinks miss like: 1)there is no command for rules in the server like( /rules):i think that this command will help much more and new players will know the rules and the server become much more working in TEAM. 2)in admin command there is a bug(camper=ban permanent):hope this bug will be fixed soon. 3)now,the admins have to slay the player with a reason witch mean that he have to slay him in console and not in amxmenu but i see that there are the same(the reason is not showing).so,i suggest to add the reason(showing for players) and add it also in amxmenu(that will be much more easier than slaying the player from console). 4)there is no command for transfer afk players to spectator witch that lead people to camp. hope that this suggestion will become real in the server and thank you
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    Zombie Escape Admin (Limited)!

    1. In game name:bad girl 2. SteamID:Account STEAM_0:0:852395984 3. server: Zombie Escape 4. How long you've been with us:5days its true im still new but i play zombie escape since 4years and i dont have problems here also im top4 in the server hope you say YES!