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  1. oLdGamer

    riVEEEEEEEER 's Admin Abuse report

    well if a player breaking rules in ze server leads in slay , river what warning admins will give to them? slap? nah she did her job as admin and if he keep breaking rules leads in ban. so first warning is slay, at this point i actually don't see any abuse in this case. @bad girldo not use the powers to other admins, is not allowed. If you see around admins who break the rules feel free to contact with mohamad or daniel. not enough evidence / archived.
  2. oLdGamer

    Camila 's introduction

    Welcome to our community. Have nice stay ?
  3. oLdGamer

    Beelzebub 's introduction

    Welcome back helicopter ?
  4. oLdGamer

    QQ. 's Admin Abuse report

    If wami is admin in dd2 we need his thought here asap, Warts name is used by wami. @ferr @pKK
  5. oLdGamer

    Spooky's promotion

    Rip spooky. He was a good dr
  6. oLdGamer

    Spooky's promotion

    Welcome back spook, love you 4ever.
  7. oLdGamer

    maps for classic server

    Hostages maps kill the server. I agree with weestwood only in his suggestion.
  8. oLdGamer

    The-[A]vengeR' 's introduction

    Welcome to gc community.
  9. oLdGamer

    Dust2x2 Roster

    @Kid Daneck joined to the blue team.
  10. oLdGamer


    Why u wana be adm when you have your own zp? Stealing our players isnt right thing for us which leads in permanent banned. Just gave u a chance to enjoy our zp server and if i see anything once again of saying these bullshits in my server to grow up your zp it's a perm banned without any delay. However don't try to be good with me or others to get admin in zp due i never trust dudes like you. Just saying that your app will be auto-denied. Closing the case without keeping this converstation forward. Keep it in mind. Thanks,oldy.
  11. oLdGamer

    My Behaivour...

    Sorry to hear that buddy. Get well soon ?
  12. oLdGamer

    SpooKy 's introduction

    Glad to see you back my brother. Rip spook he was a good dr :d
  13. oLdGamer

    Darth Revan 's introduction

  14. oLdGamer

    Can someone fix the server?

    Please be patient until we fix the zp. The reason that is not letting players to join in is that server allows only steam users and not nonsteamers... I'll make an annoucement when server is back and running. Thanks
  15. oLdGamer

    Zombie Escape Admin (Limited)!

    Read his thread carefully. You might apply here in this case. Just copy the format above and fill out that format propely. Thats all..