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  1. oLdGamer

    Welcome back!

    Welcome home chev.
  2. oLdGamer

    Some changes

    Case Closed.
  3. oLdGamer

    Some changes

    Round time 2 min per round. Buy timer 25 secs. Rank fixed.
  4. oLdGamer

    Dust2 Roster

    @Yoyo joined in the blue team. Welcome back 11/09/2019
  5. oLdGamer

    Classic Roster

    9/11/2019 Added @Red_DragoN to the admin team. 9/13/2019 Added @scaTPack[1] to the admin team. -Nacho
  6. oLdGamer

    Red_DragoN 's Admin application

  7. oLdGamer

    Classic up.

    Thanks thanks!!! We really enjoy working on our freetime and see the community growing, After all, this is just our point. We will open new servers soon and share more information on time! I'll be doing my service duty and i'll find the time to maintain the servers or make anything new. Cheers!
  8. oLdGamer

    Classic up.

    Greetings GC Community! I would like to formally announce the launch of a new classic server. The Classic has been now upgraded & running with new plugins & features including vip version. Vip Features! Special Skins CT/T VIP prefix including green chat. Free Armor + Helm. Every round you get free nades. Get $ per kill. Free Guns Slot reservation. Basic Admin access. Maps on server: de_inferno de_aztec de_westwood de_cpl_mill de_mirage de_cpl_fire_32 de_dust de_inferno2se de_train de_dust de_dust2 de_nuke cs_office cs_italy cs_estate de_kabul32 de_rats32 Note: Please leave us your feedback in terms of replies, we'd like to know which maps we should keep and which ones we shouldn't! If you're interested in Joining our classic server connect now & add the ip to your favorites. With that Being said, Good Luck, And Happy Hunting! Staff in Charge @nacho
  9. oLdGamer

    Nines 's cheater report

    Got him in game! Anyways thanks for the report. Moved
  10. oLdGamer

    Nines 's cheater report

    Horrible Aimbot! Got him in game, however thanks for the report mister. Closed
  11. oLdGamer

    insaneDemNS 's Unban request

    Unbanned. sorry for any inconvenience. Case closed
  12. oLdGamer

    Demo Reviewer - Roster

    Up! Vox joined as dr staff working alongside with me & sharp! Glad to have you back buddy.
  13. oLdGamer

    na3em 's introduction

    What's good na3em.
  14. oLdGamer

    Old known developer

    Glad to have you back sir.
  15. oLdGamer

    unlimited smokes

    thanks for sharing this, should works fine now, already fixed.