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    Welcome brotha.
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    About the lost aps, some suggestion, etc

    Greeting. Thanks for sharing this with us but i already knew what's was missing on zp! Got luck that i got free time to take a look at zp including our coder mohammed, all the things you have written above about zp has been fixed already, & climber will not be removed as much players love it , so without having full support to be removed i ain't touch anything through it, server was under maintenance & had huge bugs around as y'all know well, about reporting me i've told you whole times in server that servers need a quick restart to see how it goes. & now seems everything good enough as you may can see everything out. About ammopacks GoOoD explained already. @Dantes @GoOoD @Soviet with greatest respect it is not necessary to continue this case further. PS: I've added you aps you have lost from me of changing maps.
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    zp admin binds

  4. oLdGamer


    Admin unbind this method since autorespawn has been fixed by our developer @Mohamed !! Cheers
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    Ġħøšŧłý Rõşϵ 's ammo packs form

    Ammopacks given.
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    Welcome back finz. Glad to see you around!
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    Have nice stay billy. Any question you may have feel free to contact me! =]
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    If we bring jb would you?
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    Woah. Welcome back robin!
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    Thanks for sharing this chev.
  11. YO YO YO! if anyone is interested in having his own server cs 1.6, power gaming tech is great choice. Locations : France Europe / Virgina US. "All of this is just for 10 EUR/month for 32-slot Counter-Strike 1.6 server. Refund is allowed in the first week" Click on link to get more informations ( https://powergamingtech.com/index.php ) Actually our Developer @Mohamed moderate power gaming tech, so for more further informations you might talk to him through steam or you can send an msg him through forums! Also if you want to build your own mod / server feel free to talk with him.
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    Have nice stay!
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    My brother glad to have you back.
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    Welcome welcome.
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    Zombie Plague Roster

    Added @Kurre to the blue team. Wb.