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Everything posted by Foreal_Bruh

  1. Foreal_Bruh

    GlowM- 's introduction

    Welcome bot
  2. Foreal_Bruh

    Ezekill 's introduction

    Welcome back!
  3. Foreal_Bruh

    Co-owner for Ferr

    Congratulations ferr
  4. Foreal_Bruh

    Co-owner promotion, new leadership.

    Congratz brah! you surely deserve it
  5. Foreal_Bruh

    Post your best score!

    ong left hand hurts my eyes
  6. Foreal_Bruh

    Russian Walk/Crouch Hop

    gonna have to practice a lot..
  7. Foreal_Bruh

    Post your best score!

    oxide and tantalis are unreal STOP POSTING YOUR SCORES
  8. Foreal_Bruh

    CS 1.6 Dust_2 Terrorist Spawn Tricks

    No wonder you're always at the top.. thanks for this oxide, keep em coming!
  9. Foreal_Bruh

    GIGN 's introduction

    Welcome aboard
  10. Foreal_Bruh

    Gaming Rig?

    My advice is to build it yourself, it will be cheaper and way more satisfying! check out https://www.reddit.com/r/buildmeapc/ https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/ https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/ good luck
  11. Foreal_Bruh

    AngryFace 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
  12. Foreal_Bruh

    Nines 's introduction

    Welcome nines!
  13. Foreal_Bruh

    GC|JOKER 's introduction

    Welcome aboard mate
  14. Foreal_Bruh


  15. Foreal_Bruh

    Post your best score!

  16. Foreal_Bruh

    gc' Xtream 's introduction

    Welcome Xtrem!
  17. Foreal_Bruh

    Mctimon 's introduction

    Welcome back man, feel free to dm me some songs lol thnx
  18. Foreal_Bruh

    ﮓuperҖiLL 's introduction

    Welcome to the community mate
  19. Foreal_Bruh

    Kurre 's introduction

    Welcome back Kurre
  20. Foreal_Bruh

    Future is bright

    We wouldn't be here without you Shadoo, thank you! and we are only gonna get better from here on!
  21. Foreal_Bruh

    Admin access

    I was surprised when i typed in and chat was green lol. i'll make sure to go there more^^
  22. Foreal_Bruh

    Jamz~ 's introduction

    Welcome jamz!
  23. Foreal_Bruh

    Classic Suggestion Add/Remove Maps.

    Yes thank you!
  24. Foreal_Bruh

    [D]arkLord 's introduction

    Welcome back mate, hope everything is better nwo
  25. Foreal_Bruh

    Zombie plague up.

    Thanks old!
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