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    blOOz 's introduction

    Welcome to the club mate!
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    Zombie Escape Admin (Limited)!

    1. In game name: Bruh 2. SteamID: VALVE_5:0:684634437 3. server: Zombie Escape 4. How long you've been with us: 4 months gotta say i am removing no-steam and gonna play the steam version starting from next week
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    Aarya 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
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    Your Favourite Songs

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    EnD1ex._.D 's introduction

    Welcome to GC community, enjoy your stay!
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    The-[A]vengeR' 's introduction

    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy it here!
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    Music Thread

    Such a good sad song tbh
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    My Behaivour...

    Hope you get better soon lad, dm me if you need to talk.
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    [D]ark-[H]unter 's introduction

    Welcome mate! enjoy your stay ; )
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    That moment. . .

    Welcome mate but christ reading that got me sick
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    Zombies Soccer Event -unique-

    IN 4 this
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    fucking lmao that was fun af
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    p90 Guide

    this video gave me the feels ?
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    Yo Mama Is getting Rekt

    My name is in this video and i don't like it jk 10/10 editing
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    Foreal_Bruh 's introduction

    Name: Bruh Age 21 Country: Syria What are your hobbies ? Late night walks, Music, Meditation. How did you find us ? Public Favorite game : Counter-Strike
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    Foreal_Bruh 's introduction

    Thank you all! : )