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    AngryFace 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
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    Nines 's introduction

    Welcome nines!
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    GC|JOKER 's introduction

    Welcome aboard mate
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    Post your best score!

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    gc' Xtream 's introduction

    Welcome Xtrem!
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    Mctimon 's introduction

    Welcome back man, feel free to dm me some songs lol thnx
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    Welcome to the community mate
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    Welcome back Kurre
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    Future is bright

    We wouldn't be here without you Shadoo, thank you! and we are only gonna get better from here on!
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    Admin access

    I was surprised when i typed in and chat was green lol. i'll make sure to go there more^^
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    Welcome jamz!
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    Classic Suggestion Add/Remove Maps.

    Yes thank you!
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    Welcome back mate, hope everything is better nwo
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    Zombie plague up.

    Thanks old!