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  1. Foreal_Bruh

    Classic up.

    Gjdm! i am team assault as well, might even throw more than the basic one too. thanks!
  2. Foreal_Bruh

    Foreal_Bruh 's Admin application

    I forgot how to edit srs. I believe i should be an admin because every time i go in the server there is an aimer and tbh it's rare that you see admins on there besides the occasional Kryptic/Dragon. @shado
  3. Foreal_Bruh

    Foreal_Bruh 's Admin application

    Server Dust 2 (US) In game name Bruh Country Syria Age 23 SteamID STEAM_1:0:1928211417 How well can you speak english Excellent How many hours can you play every day 3 Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? Bruh momento numero dos
  4. Foreal_Bruh

    na3em 's introduction

    Sup homie, welcome to the community
  5. Foreal_Bruh

    New servers

    Give me my ZE back also D2 or2x2
  6. Foreal_Bruh

    Gamerclub back

    Let's do this!
  7. Foreal_Bruh

    blOOz 's introduction

    Welcome to the club mate!
  8. Foreal_Bruh

    Aarya 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
  9. Foreal_Bruh

    Your Favourite Songs

  10. Foreal_Bruh

    EnD1ex._.D 's introduction

    Welcome to GC community, enjoy your stay!
  11. Foreal_Bruh

    The-[A]vengeR' 's introduction

    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy it here!
  12. Foreal_Bruh

    Music Thread

    Such a good sad song tbh
  13. Foreal_Bruh

    My Behaivour...

    Hope you get better soon lad, dm me if you need to talk.
  14. Foreal_Bruh

    [D]ark-[H]unter 's introduction

    Welcome mate! enjoy your stay ; )
  15. Foreal_Bruh

    That moment. . .

    Welcome mate but christ reading that got me sick