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  1. Name: Jamz~ Age 28 Country: Canada What are your hobbies ? I love to cook and read books. . . How did you find us ? Friends Favorite game : Call of Duty
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    The Girl 's introduction

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    That moment. . .

    lol if you're trying to figure out the riddle, then your WRONG!
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    Awp limit DD2

    Hello Staff members, Jamz request ? Although we all love to use the AWP like myself, i believe each team should be limited to a certain amount of awps being used. My recommendation is 3 to 4 awps per team on server DD2. i strongly feel that it will enhance the play roll on both sides. Nevertheless having 6 awps on one team is just crazy LOL. Please feel free to give me your most honest positive & negative feedback Thank you Sincerely Jamz
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    That moment. . .

    Hello everyone & Staff members. My name is Dino, also known has Jamz, i signed up here a while ago, glad to be a member of such a great community. those of you that know me. . . that's great , (LOL) for those who don't. . . well there really isn't much to say just cover your backs cause im coming to knife you all ? i mainly play in De_Dust 2 map but im open to playing other maps so suggest some ( NOT ZOMBIES) i just dont get it lol ? if you want to follow me thats great, if not screw you LOL add me if you like im sure we will talk eventually hehe besides anything of this boring topic about me . . . enjoy reading this and wasting your time LOL p.s here is a riddle for you all " I have cities, but no house. I have mountains, but no tress. I have water, but no fish. What am I? Goodluck
  6. Name: Jamz~ Age 183 Country: i live on the moon What are your hobbies ? trying to play ice hockey in space How did you find us ? Counter strike Favorite game : Super Mario Kart