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    Admin Abuse report

    You seem like you still don't understand. Dude, this specific player have been playing regularly on 2x2 server and i have warned him many times in the past, so he knows rules and he still refuses to follow them. It's not your business anyways man, i have been doing my duty for quite long time and no one had problem with me until now, not even players nor other admins.
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    Admin Abuse report

    The fact you weren't playing previously says that the player(s) have been warned all the time and they're good familiar with rules. I don't have to repeat them rules like a damn parrot every time i log in, once i say, it's active for future cases. Thanks for understanding
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    Admin Abuse report

    Ban menu contains ban for (spawn)camping continously, so i dont know why u came all over from your GunGame to tell me how to do MY job. I've been doing this since i've become admin and no one was against it, so please..
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    Admin Abuse report

    He was continously base camping, player did not lose a single HP by my action. Used it as a warning instead of kick/ban
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    sexY 's introduction

    Welcome mate, enjoy your stay ?
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    Red_DragoN 's cheater report

    Cheaters name ))-$pLenD0ur-(( Cheaters steamID VALVE_5:0:530804773 Server dust2 2x2 Describe the hacker aimbot Proof / Demo proof1.mp4 i got 2 more short videos but i think this is enough
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    Red_DragoN 's cheater report

    Cheaters name TheKoqja- Cheaters steamID VALVE_9:9:2133538074 Server dust2 2x2 Describe the hacker Speed hack Proof / Demo proof.mp4
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    Dust 2 2x2 admin (limited)

    1. In game name: Red_DragoN 2. SteamID: VALVE_5:0:1366250633 3. server: dust 2 2x2 4. How long you've been with us: for about 1 month, more-less