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  1. Red_DragoN

    Some changes

    Do something with goddamn awp, limit it on 2 per team or make it VIP feature
  2. Red_DragoN

    Some changes

    Enable flashlight
  3. Red_DragoN

    Some changes

    Can you remove slapping player when being in anti-camp zone when time runs out, even if you want to escape, it doesnt let you go away that easy.
  4. Red_DragoN

    Some changes

    i personally think 2:30 is enough time per round, doesnt need to be changed
  5. Red_DragoN

    Some changes

    ranks shouldnt be reset round time should stay as it is, maybe extend bomb explosion timer since map gets too big if not many players are alive, at least +5-10 seconds buying timer should be extended as Daniel said up to 25 seconds.
  6. Red_DragoN

    Red_DragoN 's Admin application

    Server Classic In game name GC | Red_DragoN Country Bosnia & Herzegovina Age 19 SteamID STEAM_0:0:358294337 How well can you speak english Excellent How many hours can you play every day about 3 Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? Would like to help server as much as i can to make GC good as it was before
  7. Red_DragoN

    Classic up.

    cs assault is one of the most popular maps nowadays, with it you cant make mistake so i suggest adding it here. Maybe in future make entire server with cs_assault only, who knows. Good luck with Classic, nice job!
  8. Red_DragoN

    Foreal_Bruh 's Admin application

    Ye we were admins together, good guy, good admin. Recommended for sure
  9. Red_DragoN

    Old known developer

    I dont know you but i'm sure you are good since you got introduction like this. Welcome back, I hope we will have friendly relations and make GC Community better from day to day. Good luck!
  10. Red_DragoN

    Return of GC

    I'm happy servers will be back online. Congratulations to boys for promotions, well deserved!
  11. Red_DragoN

    Admin Abuse report

    You seem like you still don't understand. Dude, this specific player have been playing regularly on 2x2 server and i have warned him many times in the past, so he knows rules and he still refuses to follow them. It's not your business anyways man, i have been doing my duty for quite long time and no one had problem with me until now, not even players nor other admins.
  12. Red_DragoN

    Admin Abuse report

    The fact you weren't playing previously says that the player(s) have been warned all the time and they're good familiar with rules. I don't have to repeat them rules like a damn parrot every time i log in, once i say, it's active for future cases. Thanks for understanding
  13. Red_DragoN

    Admin Abuse report

    Ban menu contains ban for (spawn)camping continously, so i dont know why u came all over from your GunGame to tell me how to do MY job. I've been doing this since i've become admin and no one was against it, so please..
  14. Red_DragoN

    Admin Abuse report

    He was continously base camping, player did not lose a single HP by my action. Used it as a warning instead of kick/ban
  15. Red_DragoN

    sexY 's introduction

    Welcome mate, enjoy your stay ?