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  1. Kid Daneck

    Camila 's introduction

    Welcome to GC and tell me, how long do u playing Piano ? ?
  2. Kid Daneck

    Spooky's promotion

    Congratz to u M8! Make ur best
  3. Kid Daneck

    Admin Abuse report

    @[D]arkLord @Red_DragoN Hey first of all. Im slapping players too, if they spawncamps or trying glitching. But also slapping with 0 Damage because with damage it make no sense and its "disresepctful" but not worse then 0 Damage. Failure and Mistakes happens but its a little bit overreacted, that u wrote instantly an Admin Abuse against him. But i wont go to ur District too. Hope everything is solved between u.
  4. Kid Daneck

    Aarya 's introduction

    Welcome to GC. Have a nice time with us !
  5. Tell me, what your favourite songs at the moment ? ? Mine are: People=Shit by Slipknot INTROVERSION 2.0 by $uicideboy$ TAKE THE LEAD by tj_beastboy Endgame by Distant
  6. Kid Daneck

    My Behaivour...

    Hey friends, I would like to tell you something about me and that it may be that I react a little more irritated to you or something annoyed. It's because I'm suffering from depression and my behavior has been somewhat diluted by this disease. I still want to continue to do my best and present my good side to you. Does not it feel bad for me to do something wrong. And yes, i wrote it in a translater ? Love u all
  7. Kid Daneck

    The-[A]vengeR' 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  8. Kid Daneck

    GC's Member Pics!

    IMG_0243 - Verknüpfung.lnk
  9. i dont have many friends there. But i try to get everyone there from GC ? so add me ?
  10. Kid Daneck

    EnD1ex._.D 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  11. Kid Daneck

    pLuX 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  12. Kid Daneck

    My Behaivour...

    Im Thankful to everyone here !
  13. Kid Daneck


    Dont break ur mind with that. continue playing on zp and dont make any failures anymore. keep it up ?
  14. Kid Daneck


    Mate, dont understand it wrong but if ur first application was denided, so apply again in 2 - 3 weeks and dont make ads at ZP or sth. It makes no sense, if u write in the topic ur innocent behaivour it doesnt matter. Keep up playing and do not do the failures again. Maybe u have a second chance later ?
  15. Looks very cool. Keep it up ! ?
  16. Kid Daneck

    SpooKy 's introduction

    Im new here so Welcome Mate ! ?
  17. Kid Daneck

    Your favourite movies

    My Fav. is Underworld and Doom 2005
  18. Kid Daneck

    The seven deadly sins

    Seven Deadly Sins is so amazing, i love the pig most of them xD
  19. Kid Daneck

    Darth Revan 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time !
  20. Kid Daneck

    Changed Name

    INFO : I changed my Name from INFERNALCXRPE-- to Kid Daneck now ?
  21. Kid Daneck

    ShY 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  22. Kid Daneck

    Flashas.lt 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  23. Kid Daneck

    wAFF 's introduction

    Welcome to GC ? Have a nice time with us !
  24. Hello GC Members, im INFERNALCXRPE-- aka. Daneck Mephisto. Im a Trail Admin in Dust 2 2x2 since 1 week and would now give my experience, what i see and done on this server. I must say, the community in GC is really nice and many people are very friendly. I've met many naughty people but they have changed they behaivor in few seconds (against me and to others...). I like to play on the D2 2x2 server and other server, because there are (in my opinion) the best server in CS 1.6 and there are the only servers, where i can play normaly and without negative points. I will continue playing on GC and i will be an permanent Admin here because, i really like this forum, community and server. I hope GC will upgrade them servers and Members in a good way and i wish the best for the future :) Your Daneck
  25. Kid Daneck

    My First Week Experience

    @Dracola 404 Hello ?
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