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  1. Soviet

    Milor 's Unban request

    There are like 4 auto bhop bans for that steam ID, all within a couple of days so evaded. Ban stays.
  2. Soviet

    Graphics GFX Showcase

    look at my signature, that is peak art.
  3. Soviet

    UNPeaceKeeper 's cheater report

    I have no idea what you are waiting for here Good, thats blatant aimbot. Ban added, thanks.
  4. Soviet

    tantalis 's cheater report

    hello mister i banned him in server thank you.
  5. Soviet

    ƒяєηzу #🏀🎶👿 's Unban request

    The first link is the demo you are looking for. It was taken right before your ban.
  6. Soviet

    ƒяєηzу #🏀🎶👿 's Unban request

    DO NOT download the second demo, it has nothing there. The first demo seems clean for wallhack, but those awp shots are wild, ill wait for someone elses opinion.
  7. Soviet

    ƒяєηzу #🏀🎶👿 's Unban request

    @gc' Xtream
  8. Soviet

    Sn!per 's Unban request

    Non-permanent bans (except auto bhop) dont require proof, and since the ban is expired and we can't view chatlogs, i will take it upon myself to close this request.
  9. Soviet

    Demo Reviewer Team

    Ok spooky lord of all that is green. Boomer
  10. Dont express the anger on us, oldgamer tried doing as much as he can to save everything and you are still giving him shit for it? Its a fucking ZP server bro, the hlstats dont even matter there. You want to get them back? Create a time machine. You want to express your anger on not being able to get them back? Tell that to Shady, these problems are all because of him, because if his cheap ass wouldve even asked us our opinion about selling LgK, it wouldnt happen ever, at least not to detox. If Shady didnt do that shit behind everyones backs, we would still have LgK and your precious stats wouldnt have disappeared, so dont blame oldgamer who has been working his ass off for zp or any other servers, but find Shady and express your anger to him about this, i doubt he would give two shits or even talk to you. You come here and give us shit for something we had zero fucking control over, expecting us to be sorry and return everything to the state it was before all of this? Unless you literally have godlike powers, it isnt possible, so please understand, you may be returned your ammo packs, but your hlstats are gone. I'd understand your frustruation if it were dd2 stats or something, but if you can get like 50 frags per round in zp, are the stats even worth anything? If you think we can just fix everything you said, find us someone who can code shit and we will do it, because none of us have done anything like that, except Mohamed or Timon, if you want to fix this stuff, you are free to pay them and they will probably do something, because nothing in this world comes for free brother. While we can find people to do stuff like that, you will have to suffer some bugs, if you would like to find something that was all created by US, it is all sold now, and it will take time to restore the progress we have gotten stolen from us. Thank you and have fun playing!
  11. Soviet

    oXide 's cheater report

    Blatant. That aimbot is so shit it cant even it people wtf. Banned, thanks.
  12. Soviet

    Trol Me 's cheater report

    well we cant do anything without a steam id can we? unless he has been banned before.
  13. Soviet

    FinZ 's introduction

    since you live in brazil too, ill give you 5$ if you find des and cut his balls off
  14. Soviet


    idk man, sacrifice a goat for me and then ill think about it
  15. Soviet


    Chev you hurt me. I literally made a topic about this in the ZP section