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  1. nacho

    badr 's Unban request

    @Chev banned him multiple times. I have went ahead and banned his account and his 5 ip addresses that I have on file. Closed.
  2. nacho


    @Chev already banned. moved to correct section and closed.
  3. nacho


    i agree that this command should be removed. it may be helpful for those who are searching for an admin to report a hacker, but i think most of the time the use it to see if admins are online so they can hack.
  4. nacho

    Classic Roster

    Dust2 24/7 Server Team @nacho @SpooKy @UNPeaceKeeper @usurpeR @DVS1H R.I.P
  5. nacho

    WHX | -=Ed Hunter=- 's cheater report

    Thanks for the report @WHX | -=Ed Hunter=-
  6. nacho


    Hi Viny, We are having some issues with ZP, D2, and GG. Someone was attacking our servers and messed things up. We are working for a way to best fix it. It is not easy, but we are working on it.
  7. nacho

    The-[A]vengeR' 's introduction

  8. nacho

    Aarya 's introduction

  9. nacho


    I don't see you being banned, what is the issue?
  10. nacho

    My Behaivour...

    Sorry to hear man. Hope for the better for you.
  11. nacho

    Darth Revan 's introduction

    did you change the spelling of your name?
  12. nacho

    Can someone fix the server?

    please be patient.
  13. nacho

    Weapon Replacment

    @pKK shado is retired. Would have to tag eggy
  14. nacho

    SK_ 's cheater report

    He should be banned via ip. @INFERNALCXRPE-- he can't unban himself. He was joining with a new valve id each time.
  15. nacho

    Nightbot 's introduction

    welcome aboard. stay away from @shado.