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  1. nacho

    Des is still here

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    Zombie Plague PBT

    Thanks for the work @Dr. Rasheed
  3. nacho

    Welcome back!

  4. nacho

    Some changes

    Thanks for your suggestions. I agree with the rank system. It should stay and not reset. I am neutral regarding round time. @Eggy @ferr @shArp
  5. nacho

    Nines 's cheater report

    Thanks for the report. Closed.
  6. nacho

    scaTPack[1] 's Admin application

    Accepted. Welcome to the classic server @scaTPack[1]
  7. nacho

    Classic Positions Open!!

    Thanks @blOOz, could you fill out a formal application for records? Thanks.
  8. nacho approved the submission
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    Nines 's cheater report

    nacho approved the submission
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    Classic Roster

    ✞@dvs ✞ @nacho N/A N/A @Red_DragoN @scaTPack[1] N/A N/A
  11. nacho

    Classic up.

    @TheNoob thank god.
  12. Hello Gamerclub community, @oLdGamer has finished the classic server, which now means we need to populate it and get it staffed. We are in need of a Server Manager and admins. If you are interested please message me via steam or private message on forums, or leave your info here and I will contact you. This is not open hiring. Only those qualified will be considered. Server Manager: Expected to assist in boosting the server and actively recruit players and develop admins. Server Manager Requirements Admins: Help maintain the server population by taking care of hackers and rule breakers and disruptive players. Hope to hear from you guys/girls soon
  13. nacho

    Classic up.

    Thanks @oLdGamer I will buy you a new pillow. @thenoob are you back now? @red_dragon I like assault as well. Will look into adding.
  14. nacho

    Foreal_Bruh 's Admin application

    I would like to add, for those of you who decide neutral, vouch, and no vouch. If you could please put an explanation on your decision would be helpful. Thanks.
  15. nacho

    Something That's Bothering Me

    Hey Omi. Thanks for the post about your feelings. I totally get it. It is beyond frustrating to everyone with all this rebuilding, and new clans being formed. All you can do is hope it will eventually settle, and that is what we are trying to do, with a little bumps along the way. Yes some things happened, but it is not my place to give details, when I wasn't directly a part of it. I can tell you this though. Within the higher ups here and the general community, we don't have any hate towards new3ra or any other clan. Players can play wherever they want, even if they are apart of another clan. Doesn't matter as long as they don't have admin in multiple communities. I don't believe it should be one clan vs another, but there was just some disagreements between a few people, and it should stay between them and if they can resolve it great, if not than leave it at that. I respect your decision to not join either and just play. At the end of the day, that's what we all should want. Just to play a super super super super super old game without drama. Hope to see you around omi