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    Greetings everyone. Theres a issue going on with the servers and the servers are down atm. Sadly this fix will take like 2 days since everything got deleted anonymously which were trying to find out what the issue is, and the cause is. Sorry for any inconvenience and if there’s any question, feel free to ask. Best regards, The Management.
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    Greeting from me! As you have seen, for a few hours servers was down, like daniel said a bit early! Actually all files for each server has been removed, no idea who did, and i had a plan to annouce zp tonight, however Give us a bit time till we get everything up & running! ALSO! I wanna announce that in the next few days there will be news about zp server, and I hope to announce our new zp mod as soon as possible. Although it is soon to say, we may be facing a new stage in GamerClub! Regards! The Management.
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    Blatant. Add ban please, thank you.
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    Demo Monner #Clean Demo Monner2 #Clean Demo Monner3 Min 08:41:78 (suspect walling) - He is caught by the flash and he does not retreat anymore and he advances, Already crosshair in Ts Spwan. Demo Monner4 #Clean Look at these evidence, I would not ban this player, the evidence is insufficient to proibilo
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    delta2 - It's absolutely clean. on the first kill he was hearing footsteps and was ready. second time he saw an enemy in the doors and after that he shot. delta3 - he was ready cuz he heared footsteps. after that it kicks me when scoreboard opens. delta5 - Nothing for me here. this demo is absolutely clean. delta8 - He saw an enemy and killed. for a second person he heared footsteps and was a ready to kill. delta9 - After he passed the doors he saw an enemy and shot to him. delta10 - 35:11 and 36:28 looks dirty for me. for the admin esp i can't see if he really saw an enemy in the door at 35:11. deltahack - Normal gameplay here. deltahack2 - Nothing to see here. I'm going to say #Neutral cuz delta10 is very doubtful. let's see what other Drs thoughts. His score in classic feels me bad also.
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    deltahack.dem : 01:08 that headshot flick kinda quirky doe it crashed at the next rounds end when - you guessed it - you opened the scoreboard! hooray what the fuck is wrong with my game. His aim is kinda locking on to people, his crosshair rarely is off target when he has to position it correctly. deltahack2.dem : nothing to see here, i guess? delta2.dem : 04:04 so the crosshair doesnt miss the target again, as i mentioned above. delta3.dem : thanks for opening the scoreboard again! 06:27 ok, this guy must be a flicking master, because holy shit man, insta flicking on the guys head? 07:12 flicking to the guys head again STOP OPENING THE SCOREBOARD BRO delta5.dem : nothiiing delta8.dem : everything looks clean in this demo. delta9.dem : ok, onto the guys head again. delta10.dem : ok so 36:34 when hes going to a site through cat. flicks on both of them yet again. You know, ill sound like crazy when saying this, but looking at this recoil, it aint going cray cray like it should be. this thing smells like norecoil to me. of course there isnt any norecoil thats perfect, but this guys bullets seem to follow his crosshair no matter if he is spraying, bursting or whatever. im gonna go with dirty on this one. either im retarded or i fail to look for wallhack lmao because i really didnt see any wallhack worthy moments here.
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    @Daniel I hope that's not a picture of you I don't want you to fall. Wait, that's a girl with you?! def not you then.
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    Servers back! sorry for the inconvenience. Hit me up if you found any bugs around. Thanks
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    This player has been reported and is hacking the server Demo #Dirty Aimbot Obvious Please add ban @shado, @oLdGamer, @RedBuLL
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    Demo #Dirty Player using Wallhack Add ban please @shado, @oLdGamer, @RedBuLL
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    Wait what? 9 hours ago I was asleep and I wouldn't ban you. I know you were old lgk. wth is this?
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    Sorry for the late reply, OldGamer and Shado both have all the demos I had on this one as I brought Shado in on this prior to banning him, and we both agreed after watching the demos that he was dirty. Speak with Shado to see if he still has the demos on hand. Edit: I was able to pull them from my discord where I posted them for Shado to download. deltahack_(1).zip
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    Player using Wallhack #Dirty Thanks for reporting. Banned. http://gamerclub.net/amxbans/ban_list.php?bid=80822
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    Welcome back rench
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    Ban added, thanks for the report/review. Closed
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    Player has been banned by me. Thanks for reporting. Closed.
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    Player will be banned. Thanks
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    Cheaters name Aaliyah Cheaters steamID STEAM_2:0:1585414560 Server Dust2 24/7 Describe the hacker Not really cheating, but spamming server info for a different server. Proof / Demo Proof 2 (if you have it): Proof 3 (if you have it): Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
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    *sigh* technicalities ^^ I like the sentiment though. People that petulant don't really deserve to have much of anything...
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    Thats why I didnt say let me find them
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    Lets find them and fuck em up yo
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    Demo is Dirty Thanks for reporting. We will wait when the Ban list will come back.
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    Hello everyone, When I was at lgk I always loved to improve the community in any way possible so I decided to become a demo reviewer to assist the team on banning people who broke the rules, I did not have any experience at all and I had no idea what to do, this man showed me everything and set an example for everyone not just that but also he was a great friend that supported me on everything even when I got promoted to R&D, he was a great role model inside the community and outside. Those of you who have been with us for a long time would definitely know him. When he got promoted to staff he was not staff for long and he had stuff to do in real life preventing him to be active in the community. Therefore, I am making this promotion now, from now on @SpooKy will be our new dust 2 2x2 staff and I would like everyone to welcome him. I am sure he will do an amazing job. @Daniel @TheLadyVenom @jOe21 @Des @shado @RedBuLL @nacho @咸鱼一条 @Ezekill @oLdGamer