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    Name: Azayaka Age 23 Country: USA What are your hobbies ? Battling script kids. How did you find us ? Nima Favorite game : Making money
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    ● Added party system: • Party is created for 1 map & free to create. • Max party number is 5 & max party members number is 6 ( 5 *6 = 30 - excluded the 2 bots ). • The more members, the more they earn on escape & infect. ● Added warn & unwarn commands: • To warn: ze_warn "name" "reason". Ex: ze_warn "Mohamed" "Calling early" • To unwarn: ze_unwarn "name". Ex: ze_unwarn "Mohamed" • If a player has been warned for 3 times and then got another warn, he'll be automatically banned for 30 min. Ex: I have 3 warns and admin warned me for calling early, he'll warn me as usual but then i will be banned by the server for 30 min by the server and no need to manually ban ( info are displayed normally by AMXBANS ) ● Added /admins command for admins only. ● Added /rules & random message will be displayed showing random rule. ● Fixed the crash on every map change. ● Added new human models ( normal player/VIP/Admin/hero ). ● Fixed the reason for amx_slay. To slay: amx_slay "name" "reason". Ex: amx_slay "Mohamed" "AFK" ● Added the reason for amx_slap. To slap: amx_slap "name" "power" "reason". Ex: amx_slap "Mohamed" "5" "Blocking" ● Removed the models menu & player statistics menu ( both were useless ). ● Added walkguard ( not all maps have zones but will be added later ). ● Removed the dark in the nightmare round ( it causes huge FPS drop ). ● Removed the nades' gibs to reduce FPS drop. ● Added IP/websites spamming blocker. ● Added 5 maps: • ze_agdalo • ze_isla_nublar_level3_dp • zm_assault_escape2 • ze_radioactivelab_wz_cso • ze_train_escape_dp ● Fixed reseting level, XP, or escape coins ( at least for now ).
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    Hi Guys, All applications for Dust2 24/7 US Admin are suspended until the server returns to normal. Anyone applying during this period will have their request denied. Thanks GamerClub / LGK Team.
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    I do not want this guy on the server. He steals players from our server to take him to his, something that is not allowed. He enters other accounts to spam his server. Why did not the unban ask for it before? After breaking more rules does the unban want? So i do not agree with this. I hope you can respond soon to this @nacho
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    We got it team
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    Holy shit, Im laughing so hard. This is gold. Good job.
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    welcom back
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    Welcome to GC | Enjoy your stay!
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    The purpose of Happy Hour is happen during a time where its hard to get people, so we encourage some players to play at that time.
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    GamerCLub Classic Server Roster @RedBuLL @shado @HeyZus @Alexia @empty#AI gC @m1kke @SK_ @*GC* [email protected] @RENCH @GoOoD @.jen @Silas @UNPeaceKeeper @ShY @TetrixKitty N/A
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    YO @Marco Antôniou dont know this guy, hes one of our illegal player in zp server he invite players from our community to his server as Dantes said, so please would be great if we ban him as a toxic player !
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    Thats dope, I loved this @Silas @Daniel @jOe21 @Nima What you think? Everyone else feel free to state an opinion.
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    Haha, Nice! Immature little kids and hiding behind computers smh, same ole internet drama like back in the days with warring with other clans. Just grow up man! It's pointless.
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    Looks nice Nima! What you think about Arcade on the forums?
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    nice one lmao
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    Only thing left to do now is to move the servers so free players can play too. Unless Nimma has already got that done.
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    Name: Fabrício soares Age 21 <3 Country: BRAZIL -Favelaaa hhhh What are your hobbies ? I like to play football, among several things mainly CS How did you find us ? I WAS THE OLD COMMUNITY Favorite game : cs 1.6 , csgo , BF , free fire hh
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    why after so much time, now is that you come to do the post? You steal our players, from other accounts and you want us to take away the prohibition? amazing. You have always been a toxic player, i will not say anything else here, but i do not need a person like you on the server.
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    IMG_0243 - Verknüpfung.lnk
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    | General Rules: It's prohibited to insult/swear. Don't break a breakable (bridge, etc..) or close a door to get a teammate infected/dead. Don't call before the gathering of your teammates. You're not allowed to use any kind of scripts such as auto bhop script, etc.. You're not allowed to use any type of hacks like speed, etc.. Don't block the way on your team. Don't spam/share other servers' IPs/Links. Don't camp. Don't destroy defend spots on purpose (boxes, doors , bridges, etc...). Don't argue with the admin decision. If you disagree with admin's actions,you can report him with an evidence (witnesses, demos, images, etc..) to your story. It's not allowed to go up to any vehicle, plane, etc.. | Admin Rules: Don't slap/slay/kick/ban because only a player infected you. You're not allowed to abuse your power for no reason. You must help players to escape/infect. Drag away any player blocks the way on oth er teammates. Slay any player who isn't following the gameplay rules like breaking breakables/closing doors on teammates. Hackers must be banned permanently. Admins are not allowed to ban each others but can report. Insulting results into a ban for 1 hour at least.