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Dust2 - Re-iterating responsibilities of admins

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Hi @ Dust2 Admin 's 

You are given admin responsibility for a reason, I just wanted to re-iterate while you are playing in the server. Please make sure you do the following :

1) Kick afk's when the server is close to full (20 players or over), move them to spec if the server has less players.

2) Have T's clear T-spawn at 1:15s, don't let them camp too much.

3) Warn or slay players who do not follow the objective.

4) Ban anyone who advertises in the server

5) and last but not least, record and report any suspicious activities or if any players hacks.

I know most of admins who does the above and some doesn't, you're give this responsibility for a reason. Please make sure to keep the server and players active while you play.

Please reach out to me or @Staff's if you have any question or concerns. Acknowledge this message if you can.   

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