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  1. I have not tried the console command but yeah reconnecting would probably fix it, i let it play out earlier till the end of the map (stonedust) and when we changed the map to the laboratory it stopped so i am assuming that reconnecting will fix it too.
  2. Are you familiar with the background ambiance during the alien mode? Well, it continues after the mode over others and my ocd is going crazy because of that! Again, not sure if others have experienced this bug but post here if you have, and this is the reason the alien mode should be played in the last ten minutes during a full server if you can't fix it.
  3. I don't mind it, they are fun modes and yes i am including the human hiding. I mean, you can eat, drink and go to the bathroom during those events. I don't think removing them is the solution but just limiting them to one play per map. Personally, i think leaving things as they are will be fine too. What do i mean by that? Well... the more of the same thing you play...!
  4. Well, i will continue to stay in bed until someone finds the strength to get me up HA! That's one of the reasons you gotta get married.
  5. Ah so that was the problem wow, i really don't see the problem on maps like the aztec and biohazard humans can get caught easily even with armor plus didn't xp levels give armor? In my opinion, it's not a bad thing to have armor at least on maps like those.
  6. Thanks, i was not talking about the armor as an extra item but just some armor on most maps. For example aztec infinity, biohazard etc. When i picked up the armor on the aztec map an hour ago it didn't work, i am not sure if this is a bug or something else. I asked others if the armor worked for them during the play but got no answers.
  7. This is nice but... if only my mwheel worked it's been broken for years! Sure, i can go out and buy a new one but that's just too much work for someone like me whose spirit animal is Shikamaru Nara. I guess... i will have to be without it for a while longer... Shikamaru's House.mp4
  8. I though this was a bug that happened only on one map but no it seems the armor in this server no longer works ...at least for me! I don't know about others or if this is a bug but yeah the armor just doesn't work anymore. So yeah, fix/bring back the armor class!
  9. Well, respawning them every minute or half minute, that way we keep it balanced and the last human still has a chance of victory. Not just respawning everyone and throwing them at the last guy.
  10. Actually, here's a nice suggestion not sure if you'd like it but... what if you make all the zombies respawn little by little? One, two etc. when the server is about 10-15 and three to five or more when the server is above 23, if possible of course.
  11. Yeah about that... i though it was going to be like that for all modes and i agree but still sometimes this will prevent humans hiding from the enemy, especially on the tag mode. I know, it's called TAG for a reason but still...
  12. Another thing that should be disabled is the color lines for the last player. Not that it's bad it can get on your nerves but it shows the location of the player and humans can't hide anymore.
  13. Well if you have played on the old school zombie servers and others, using the radio commands is helpful, the old cs zombie servers required nothing but teamwork and for me personally i never found people who spam them annoying. I've been playing cs, half-life and it's mods forever so something like that would never bother me. On this server they are useful for calling for backup informing people etc. It would be nice (if possible) to try and make them as an turn on/off option for players. Sorry, i can't give you better examples but you pretty much get it, there's people that use them it's hel
  14. I don't know why you removed them but you should really bring them back. Captain suggested i make a topic in the forums so yeah, the sounds were useful for teamwork and most importantly for love! It's true, when a girl is around you use the sounds to inform her and the relationship starts to build. I mean, you inform a girl of where the humans are when zombies and then you feed on 'em together! And that is why you should bring them back, it's not about you, it's about people like me! So yeah, you should really think about it.
  15. Not really, people would rather play games like CS 1.6, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 than the garbage today. This just isn't the only server people play on and when they are in the mood they come.
  16. I don't know how you can say that you're ''copying'' others, if anything it's just sharing the same idea/mode/skin it's not copying. The healing zombie is a addon for servers many have it in different playstyles. Here check this video of the eQ server that i played on, had some great zombie classes. eQuilibrium Zombie Plague [ 27015].mp4
  17. People don't want nude women, just thicc women. VIP? Really... add a zombie class that can heal others and use the nurse zombie model i showed you and voila!
  18. The server has decreased in population ever since it was renamed to ''Gamersclub'', people simply don't have the time to play on the server, they have other games to play or go to work. I only come around night that's when the server gets full. However i am replaying the game Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition now and that game has content for over 100 hours so whenever i am in the mood i come. But if you want the real reason as to why there aren't many people... well, you lack this! ...But zombified!
  19. I wish the men and women of culture around here events like this in their new year...!
  20. Why not make it 30? You will be confirming Half-Life 3 that way come on!
  21. Agree with the zombie classes, here's a list of plugins for zombie plague to check out... https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=157986&highlight=zombie+plague+parachute and don't forget zombie chicks, THICC zombie chicks!
  22. ''fuck that, bleach is better.'' Hell yeah! And Master Roshi will agree with that too! And if you think that those thots from the super series can stand up to them because they can shoot lasers from their hands... here's something superior too! That's right, she doesn't just shoot milk from there!
  23. ''also just 1 question When you cry you pronounce Please - Pwease?'' Well... yeah, it's called emotional manipulation! But anyway, thanks.
  24. Hey i remember seeing a zm mappack for download in the forums somewhere but i can't find it anymore, can you upload all the maps from the server including all the removed ones for download? Would really like to get them all! BTW, bring back the removed maps too i don't know why you removed them but they are fun.
  25. Oh i wish i could it's been years since i played on servers like equilibrium but one zombie class i remember (actually the only one) is the headcrab zombie. I believe it was based off of the mod for half-life called zombie edition, the headcrab had low hp but could constantly long jump and i am not sure if this was part of the server or my dreams but other zombies could pick the headcrab up and throw it at players. Here's a link to a zombie class from equilibrium that i managed to find... https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=185472 now a lot of people would not be a fan of the smoker
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