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    If you have any thing/idea that might prove the server , Enter your information in the following form below or you can simply explain it :- Idea Feature/Explanation : Why do you think we might use it : Regards , Jihad.
  3. @Hitman['headshot'] https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Pawn_Tutorial this should be enough. you get more experience when you open plugins , trace how it works and you will be fine. do not claim anything just keep up on trying.
  4. there's no actual difference between your code and this code. public reset_score(id) { //These both NEED to be done twice, otherwise your frags wont //until the next round cs_set_user_deaths(id, 0) set_user_frags(id, 0) cs_set_user_deaths(id, 0) set_user_frags(id, 0) if(get_pcvar_num(pcvar_Display) == 1) { new name[33] get_user_name(id, name, 32) client_print(0, print_chat, "%s has just reset his score", name) } else { client_print(id, print_chat, "You have just reset your score") } return PLUGIN_HANDLED } right ? @Hitman['headshot']
  5. Jihad


    PUG Rules. 1.During The Match Leaving is Not Allowed Unless It's One Of The First Three Rounds and Bringing Someone Else To Handover. 2. Respect Is Needed Specially in This Mode so Give Respect To Earn it. 3. Take Care Of Your Steam , It's Your Responsibility If You Are Banned For Cheats And You Claimed It's Your Brother Etc .. Stay Aware Of That. 4. English Is Preferred in Here To Communicate Better. 5. Respect The Admin's Decisions And If You Don't Like It You Can Report Them. 6. If The Admin Asked You To Post Your Demo/Screenshots And You Refused You Will be Consider As A Cheater And Going To Get Permanent Ban .
  6. Name: jihad aka pushkin aka gordon aka daddy wanker Age 20 Country: Palestine What are your hobbies ? sleep , study and sleep How did you find us ? you found me <3 Favorite game : pubg n dota2
  7. Jihad

    Joe Im sorry !

    it's actually good dude XD LMFAO !
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