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  1. scodyy

    cs 1.6 mods 's cheater report

    I just banned it thanks for the report
  2. scodyy

    cs 1.6 mods 's cheater report

    maybe the boy has a lot of lag. but the same is weird, for me the demo is not enough What do my colleagues say?
  3. scodyy

    GronEdson 's introduction

    welcome gro old acquaintance
  4. scodyy

    Boy:) 's Unban request

    I really don't see anything weird here just that it has good fps. why didn't you try the forcejump xixor? FOR ME IT'S CLEAN. @mircea @Kryptex
  5. scodyy

    Boy:) 's Unban request

    I've known this guy for quite some time and he has always played fair @Xix0r can you provide the evidence please
  6. scodyy

    DefinitelyNotJah 's introduction

    welcome in GC have a good time
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