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  1. As one of the founders | Owners of VisaStress, I am introducing you to our stressing service. We are increasing the power on the daily and our prices are awfully cheap. We offer you both Layer 7 and Layer 4 attack options from various methods such as UDP, PSH, DNS, OVH, SYN and PLAIN. As of our Layer 7, we currently just have a CloudFlare Bypass but I will be updating it soon adding three more methods to it such as HTTP GET, HEAD and POST. Our Botnet is a mirai variant of the HITO 2 Source for those who are interested. Our Layer 4 will surpass 40gbps as its only over 30gb atm. As of Layer7, we will increase that as well. However do you have an issue and you are on the road all the time? We have our CNC on our discord so that way you can send attacks without the use of accessing our botnet. My Discord: https://discord.gg/z4ZvfCQ Monti#3216 Plans go as follows: 1 MONTH | $10 Limted 10 Slots Only 3 MONTHS | $20 Limted 5 Slots Only LIFETIME | $100 Limted 5 Slots Only RESELLER | $150 Limted 1 Slot Only PayPal F&F Or BTC
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