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  1. Kryptex

    Vengeantta 's cheater report

    Closed. Dragon don't reply here if you wanna talk pm him
  2. Kryptex

    Nassir 's Unban request

    @NickVidz Please provide the demo.
  3. Kryptex

    Soviet Leader

  4. Kryptex

    server updates

    Oo Reminds me of very old days used to play in Paranormal Zombie Server
  5. Kryptex

    Natsheh 's introduction

    Welcome to our community.
  6. Kryptex

    New Skins For Guns

    https://gamebanana.com/skins/169455 https://gamebanana.com/skins/169239 https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/skinsweapons/ak47/1103-ak47-green-force.html https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/skinsweapons/ak47/1082-m4a1-s-born-beast.html https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/skinsweapons/knife/
  7. Kryptex

    Ammo pack refund in ZP (important).

    Name : Kry`gC STEAM ID : STEAM_0:1:238317604 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001066433 *CONFIRMED*
  8. Kryptex

    New Skins For Guns

    Greetings All I would like to share some new skins for gun. https://gamebanana.com/skins/145338 m4a1 https://gamebanana.com/skins/122589 Awp https://gamebanana.com/skins/149955 https://gamebanana.com/skins/153818 Ak-47 https://gamebanana.com/skins/152778 https://gamebanana.com/skins/152393 Deagle https://gamebanana.com/skins/143779 Knife https://gamebanana.com/skins/152216 Gloves for Jb Have a look and tell if you guys like it, you guys can add it on every server most like to D2 and zp.
  9. Kryptex

    NeRv0s3 's introduction

    Welcome to the community
  10. Kryptex

    cs 1.6 mods 's cheater report

  11. sup brother, i am back, btw i sent a message to u on steam, did u receive it, or u have changed steam account?

  12. Kryptex

    cs 1.6 mods 's cheater report

    Nope. Player is Clean. He Ain't Gaining any speed with that bhop and that speed is normal. Anyways Thanks for reporting.
  13. Kryptex

    Gametracker Status

    Hell yeah brother Can't wait to see Gc on the 1st position
  14. Kryptex

    New ranks, new promotions.

    Cool i would love to see someone in the Leader team
  15. Kryptex

    yyyeteP 's introduction

    Welcome to the community brother have lots of fun in this clan.
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