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  1. plank

    NEW D2 IP

    sounds good @shado
  2. plank

    anssjj 's introduction

    excited to have ya! enjoy your stay at GC!
  3. plank

    KryXea· 's introduction

    welcome to the community, enjoy!
  4. plank

    GronEdson 's introduction

  5. plank

    Dust2 poll

    close thread no restriction
  6. plank

    Dust2 poll

    I play the dust2 server, 2-3 hours a day and see no problem with awp. Its part of the game. Reminds me of the WHX server i cant stand the awp restriction there.
  7. plank

    Dust2 poll

    what we should add is a 20 second spawn regulation then you get slapped
  8. plank

    Dust2 poll

    no awp limit. its part of the game!
  9. plank

    /-\ |_ ][ 's introduction

    welcome to gamerclub!
  10. plank

    Mr.AP 's introduction

    welcome to gamerclub! glad to have you enjoy
  11. plank

    dOt. 's introduction

    welcoem to the community man, glad to have ya!
  12. plank

    gC#Gabriela 's introduction

    Welcome to the community buddy!
  13. plank


    PUG= Pick Up Game. competitive 5v5 which i am personally excited for! Have not played competitive cs since CAL, ESEA. !
  14. plank

    sirYiuS 's introduction

    Welcome to the community! enjoy your stay
  15. plank

    Oldgamer Owner

    congratulations brotha!
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