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  1. Cheezbal6

    hadharigamerz hellcase.com 's introduction

    Welcome to GC. Glad to have you!
  2. Cheezbal6


    Thank you mrs. I appreciate the kind words and congratulations.
  3. Cheezbal6

    Albertototo 's introduction

    Welcome Bro!
  4. Cheezbal6

    dOt. 's introduction

    Welcome to GC bro!
  5. Cheezbal6

    beachouse 's introduction

    Sup bro. Welcome to GC.
  6. Cheezbal6

    Change admin's chat color

    Plus 1. I like when admin chat a different color. I miss it all the time like this.
  7. Cheezbal6

    D4rK1nGz 's introduction

    Welcome bro. Glad to have you here!
  8. Cheezbal6

    VermiciousKanid 's introduction

    Verm! Welcome to GC brother. Enjoy your stay!
  9. Cheezbal6

    wAFF 's introduction

    Welcome bro! Glad to have you here!
  10. Cheezbal6

    Co-owner for Ferr

    Ferr! Congrats bro!
  11. Cheezbal6

    Co-owner promotion, new leadership.

    Congrats bro! I am excited for you!
  12. Cheezbal6

    [J] 's introduction

    Welcome to GC bro.
  13. Cheezbal6

    GIGN 's introduction

    Sup bro. welcome to GC!
  14. Cheezbal6

    Nines 's introduction

    Nines! Sup bro. So glad to have you in GC! Have you met Shado yet? hahahaha
  15. Cheezbal6

    FinZ 's introduction

    Welcome to GC!
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