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  1. oLdGamer

    Soviet Leader

  2. oLdGamer

    Soviet Leader

    Congratulations bastard.
  3. oLdGamer

    Fun Server

    Lmao Ammopacks given.
  4. oLdGamer

    Fun Server

    Damn it @Soviet this happens when som3on3 follow your method. Im trying to be nice with shado but failed.
  5. oLdGamer

    Fun Server

    Make me adm pls, me ban all hackers & pro. I know how to record & stop demos. Vouch me 100% plis.
  6. oLdGamer

    Fun Server

    Choose me pls.
  7. oLdGamer

    NeRv0s3 's introduction

    Have nice stay
  8. oLdGamer

    Natsheh 's introduction

    What's good natsheh. Welcome to gamerclub.
  9. oLdGamer

    NeRv0s3 's introduction

    Old member? What nick you used b4?
  10. oLdGamer

    Boy:) 's Unban request

    I'll review the demo and giving my opinion shortly!
  11. oLdGamer

    New ranks, new promotions.

  12. oLdGamer

    yyyeteP 's introduction

    Enjoy your stay brother.
  13. oLdGamer

    New ranks, new promotions.

    Id love to set that color for soviet. Please no ban.
  14. oLdGamer

    H O R R O R ノEVIL" 's introduction

    Have nice stay.
  15. oLdGamer

    m0E 's Unban request

    Just unban him & close the case!
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