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  1. Red_DragoN

    Soviet Leader

    Keep promoting Soviet and world will experience another crisis.. gz to my brother, well deserved
  2. Red_DragoN

    New Skins For Guns

    Too many extra skins and graphic enhancements can have negative effects if you ask me. Players get annoyed by waiting for irrelevant things to download (me firstly) and give up from joining, especially those with slower internet. Players join on Dust2 for gameplay, not some extra stuff. Maybe add only for VIPs? Suggestion is good, just dont add too much things. Cheers
  3. Red_DragoN

    New ranks, new promotions.

    First thing I'mma do is get @nacho some headphones so he removes "nosound"
  4. Red_DragoN

    New ranks, new promotions.

    Thank you, everyone
  5. Red_DragoN

    Hunger Games for CS

    Sounds pretty interesting Jah, I'd like to see this running. Good luck
  6. Red_DragoN

    Roasting Area (Memes)

    There ain't no roasting here wtf
  7. Red_DragoN

    Introdusing my self

    Welcome to the community.
  8. Red_DragoN

    Suggestions and Bugs

    I have also noticed that /me doesn't work (always says 0 hits/0 damage although i've damaged other players)
  9. Red_DragoN

    New front page and captcha issue.

    I changed browser bookmark from "gamerclub.net" to "gamerclub.net/forum/" and cleared my cookies. There are no issues anymore, gj Nima brotha
  10. you're really bored aren't you
  11. Red_DragoN

    Dust2 poll

    This was supposed to be locked by now
  12. Red_DragoN

    Introducing: Zombie Escape!

    Thank you Mr. Supreme Russian, Mohamed and OldGamer for reestablishing this masterpiece of a server. Can't wait to get some free time to re-apply for admin and play (*abooze*)
  13. Red_DragoN

    Dust2 poll

    It's been 7 days since this thread was created and it is already forgotten so I'm bumping it and concluding the vote outcome. 11 players including myself have voted "FOR" removing or adding AWP restriction, which makes us 61.11% 7 players have voted "AGAINST" this suggestion with total of 38.89% Can this suggestion be implemented since it's passed? @oLdGamer @shado @Daniel
  14. Red_DragoN

    Dust2 poll

    I don't mean to disrespect their ranks, but it means nothing in this voting. We're all players and we are all equal
  15. Red_DragoN

    Dust2 poll

    Significant number of players agree on implementing this restriction, give it a shot.
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