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  1. nacho


    don't be an instigator noob.
  2. nacho


    Hi nassim6666, You insulted first and monkey insulted you back after. I spoke with monkey to not do it again, but you instigated it. So you created the injustice. In the future don't use these words in our servers.
  3. nacho

    [M] 's Admin Abuse report

    I would also like to note that there are atleast 5 known players that have the same issue within the ZP server. Some have up to 11 active permanent bans but are still able to join. I have a list of these steam id and ip to keep track. I check whenever I enter the server. Some of the other admins in the server know which players these are and have also attempted to ban.
  4. nacho

    [M] 's Admin Abuse report

    He was banned as an evader by chev on February 3, 2018. I attempted to ban again but since the ban was already in place I couldn't. I temp unbanned chev's original ban and re-banned. If you look at the link on soviet's post it shows the original ban. Same information as what he has now. As for giving him drugs and making him into a rocket, it was because when I initially banned him a ban already existed. So I did it to, yes, abuse him until I reset his ban so I can initiate a new ban. My opinion is the ban should stay as he was banned before, but is able to rejoin using same credentials. Please post if anyone disagrees with my actions with upholding an original ban that was already in place.
  5. nacho

    happy birthday daniel

    happy 15th birthday daniel!
  6. nacho


    @Chev already banned. moved to correct section and closed.
  7. nacho

    WHX | -=Ed Hunter=- 's cheater report

    Thanks for the report @WHX | -=Ed Hunter=-
  8. nacho

    SK_ 's cheater report

    He should be banned via ip. @INFERNALCXRPE-- he can't unban himself. He was joining with a new valve id each time.
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