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  1. Hello there, As you may know I designed a new front page for GamerClub so I would like to ask you guys to let me know if there is any issues that it needs to be fixed or any suggestion that could improve it. I custom coded everything so there should be some issues here and there. That's the latest addition to the front page "Top member" there is a lot of stuff missing but I hope I can get everything finished this year. Captcha issue So I know some of you had issue with your captcha there is a solution for that... make sure to clear your cache and it will be back to normal 40 mins pass after solving the captcha, I know it's annoying but it's for security purposes. How to clear cache on chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en Thank you.
  2. Nima

    New front page and captcha issue.

    again clear your cookies since we moved your cookies are stuck with the gamerclub.net and not gamerclub.net/forum so when you clear your cookies ctrl+f5 might do it if not clear your cookies from chrome settings
  3. Nima

    New front page and captcha issue.

    as I said it's just front page read the title -_- @Xtrem
  4. Nima

    New front page and captcha issue.

    @Xtrem https://gamerclub.net you're on /forum
  5. Nima

    Giveaway Guide

    When there is a giveaway in our forum please make sure you're not spamming and only just reply to that topic for you to be submitted into the giveaway ? If you have any questions feel free to leave it here and I'll answer it.
  6. Nima

    About everything\Take a rest

    If im not mistaking its audio solver, not bad. Nice one.
  7. I really wanna know what you guys think about this club feature !!! @CrownClown
  8. Nima

    Bugs and complaints

    I'll have a look and see if its fixable.
  9. Nima

    Bugs and complaints

    @Lexa everyone had that issue just letting you know @Xtrem no problem.
  10. Nima

    Bugs and complaints

    @Xtrem @Lexa @Raven images should be fixed now
  11. Nima

    Bugs and complaints

    I'll look into it @Xtrem
  12. Nima

    gamerclub -

    Verse 1 We just get it in we don’t waste time. Hit up my team coz I’m online LadyVenom with a scout rifle Nima going ham with the desert eagle. No they can not do it better I can do it on my own but I’m stronger When I’m fighting with my team. Yeah we keep it so mean And we do it so clean Until the missions complete I’m a solider a mission Heading to goal, and the key is persistence Go go keep on running But I won’t stop the fire when you that I’m coming Heading for my My enemies I got the juice My weapon on me (You) know I reload (I) Got my ammo (If) you didn’t know (Well) now you know Pre Chorus Gamer club we counter strike CS1.6 Is the best way to counter strike Gamer club we getting lit and Drop Verse 2 Heading for the top I don’t waste time Show no fear on the front line Better get in line get your stealth right Or you might just get left behind Daniel hit you with the one tap When he hits you up there’s no going back Joe you know he’s on a rampage On a real kill streak like a gun range Gamer club we give you more With us never getting bored Shooting for the leaderboard Get your points up, get your score Sniper scope vision It don’t matter if your near or long distance Ima get it consistently Ima get it ima get it Consistently Gamer club we counter strike CS1.6 Is the best way to counter strike Gamer club we getting lit and
  13. Nima


    Let me see what I can do.
  14. For security reasons I have added google authentication it's super easy just download the application from app store of android or iOS. Just search for "Google Auth" That's the logo. Download it AFTER DOWNLOAD YOU DO NOT REQUIRE INTERNET TO ACCESS IT
  15. Do both if you can I enabled it now the google auth now... logout and log back in @Soviet @hEaD @Int3nseKill3er @KapTin @Kryptex
  16. Nima

    Gaming Rig?

    You can get a GTX 1060 ti or just 1060 you'll run csgo at 300 fps no problem. And yeah build it yourself
  17. Nima

    Watch this if u like mmorpg(s)

    I have a maxed level character I love the storyline man. me and @TheLadyVenom
  18. Nima

    [J] 's introduction

    Welcome @[J], I wish you a wonderful time with us, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
  19. Hello everyone, We have a new donation system now, so I would like to everyone to follow this thread. You can now donate to us using PayPal but this time your donation will be stored in your account balance. FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONATED ILL SEND YOU A CODE TO REDEEM IN THE STORE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE With your account balance you are able to send money to others or purchase items from our store. thank you everyone. I wish you a great time in GamerClub, if you have any question please let me know or add me on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/id/nimaq/ I'll make sure to answer it.
  20. Did you even read my answer to your issue ? The website is zoomed in on your browser therefore; you have to zoom out. When you are zoomed in the website will turn into mobile version @mircea zoom out and then issue will be fixed. If you still have issues with that bookmark https://gamerclub.net/messenger thats the directory of the messenger of the forum. Thank you.
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