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    You can talk about your favorite game using our new feature. 1. go to games section click here or navigate from the main page 2. Start a new thread 3. Search for your desired game on threadstarter
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    Name: Alejandro Jhoel Espin Torres "nick Trol Me" Age 18 Country: Ecuador Quito What are your hobbies ? well I like to play soccer, I play since 15 cs 1.6 and others but I really like zp servers in cs 1.6 How did you find us ? for a friend that I have here she recommended me this community Favorite game : I haven't been able to try all the servers yet but I'm going more for zp
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    i'll be happy to meet you in the GC Servers sometime
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    welcome, glad to have you here, have fun in the community
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    Glad to see one more regular player in zp. Welcome!
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    Welcome to our community Enjoy you stay
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    Welcome back, i remember you being a regular zp player back then at the LgK times!
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    Name: Toxyn Age 31 Country: Canada What are your hobbies ? Games. How did you find us ? How did you find me? Favorite game : Metroid II I like p90. p90.zip
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    My name might be familiar because I've played on many servers over many years. Metal slug X is the best game ever, Fio ftw!
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    Enough reviewers! not enough evidence to let him stays banned, already unbanned. sorry for any inconvenience!
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    Enough reviewers! not enough evidence to let him banned, already unbanned. sorry for any inconvenience/Closed.