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    Hey everybody! This thread is about the new ranks we made for this community. We decided to bring back those ranks back, the people who were in LgK remember these ranks well. The reason we added these ranks is because these ranks are important. Thanks everyone for your great loyalty, without those loyal people we got we wouldn't be able to make an stacked community like this! I'm gonna mention the priorities of those ranks down below. Leader(s):The advisers to the Owner and Co-Owner. They are the most hardworking people that did an amazing job on the staff rank. They are the eyes of the community that maintain and lead the staff team alongside the Co-Owner(s). People with this rank are the most trusted in the community and have earned their rank one way or another. They would also have access to commands and files that Staffs might not get on all servers. Their main priorities are: Manage the Staff team alongside the Co-owners; Lead and supervise the staff team; Administrate and oversee the staff team and all the forums sections; Engaging with the community and offering assistance to those who need it. Advise Owners and Co-Owners on very important discussions alongside the staff team. Senior Admin(s):Selected individuals to watch & administrate the admin team (only on the server where your SA at) these individuals did an great job on the admin team to earn this rank. They work with the admin team to ensure the server peace is kept the majority of the time. The Senior Admin has the final say between the admins & they are the SM's right hand. Their main priorities are: Administrating the server(s) they are an admin on; Banning cheaters and maintaining respect between players; Maintaining good server activity and forum activity; Follow higher ups instructions; Being professional at all times, they represent the community alongside the Admin team; Watching the admin team & teaching them how to administrate the server (only on the server where your SA at); Advise the Server Manager about the admins. (Updating the SM on how the admins do); Lastly, we decided to promote @MaffyOZ'z & @Red_DragoN as an ZE Senior admin. They did an great job on that server enforcing the rules to the players, also being respectful aswell & most importantly being active and loyal aswell! Keep the good work going guys! Lets all congratulate them on their new rank! Congratulations!
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    Hello. since i'm stepping down from my position for some time due of busy with life i wanted to announce two our new dr staff members @Soviet & @Dantes are now in charge of demo reviewer team. They both supported dr team long time ago & still doing it. Huge Thanks for the hard work, proud of you both... Ps: I'll be back soon.. Cheers!!!
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    and so much ap and when @nacho trying to be a hero admin but always coming in late:
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    Good afternoon everyone. Many have asked about my absence at GC. And the reasons why I wasn't there for more than a month! first of all! I missed the GC community. and play on the servers! And there is no doubt about my gay friends of many years! and old friends like @shado @oLdGamer For health reasons, work, even internet! unexpectedly I couldn't ... And I regret not letting they know! But I come back !! With all the encouragement and satisfaction of playing again ... and continuing to belong to the community Gamer Club ! as SM. I missed they so much ... In my absence I have seen many changes, - departures .. welcomes! New owners, co-owner, I did not have the opportunity to thank your co-owner promotion! (in public). Mr. @Cheezbal6 and I will do it now .. congratulations and many successes! my Mr. Cheez! : D I'm proud of him! Thanks to him, and the support he has given me I am back here ... with much joy! Mr. Mr.. new staff .. of admin- (Although he has received many bans and kicks today) --- It was fun! seriously! hahahaha for most of those who ask me! about my nick! yes. I am Mrs. Cheesbal6! :D - and The Girl LOL. and many already know. and I hope they don't ban me, 'Impersonating' hahaha Thank you very much for your kind attention. And thanks for the support! it's good to be back ..
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    Hello there! I was thinking of making a Hunger Games mod for Counter Strike 1.6 and I would like some feedback/suggestions from you guys. Not going to lie, the idea is inspired by Minecraft's hunger games and its' PVP system. Well, it's pretty simple so here's a quick run down of it : It's a deathmatch, CTs can kill other fellow CTs and Ts can kill other fellow Ts and CTs can kill Ts as well. The round is infinite and there's no respawn, the only way for the round to end is when only one player is alive. This one is kind of controversial, there is a VIP system but they don't get in-game advantages (double jump, more health points, etc...) so everyone is nice and fair. You start with your bare hands, so you will have to go out and look for crates. What crates do? They give you armor, weapons and potions! There will be a red zone and it will deal a TON of damage. Well, here's thing, you may be wondering something along the lines : "Oh, a mod like this exists!" I know that a similar mod exists but this will be Hunger Games, not battle royal. AND here's an important thing about the mod : Most of the weapons you will find in the crates are in form of melee weapons : Sword(s), Katana(s), Hammer(s), Dagger(s) etc... There will be only two ranged weapons : Bow and Crossbow - They may deal a lot of damage when you don't have armor but when you find appropriate armor, they will be dealing insignificant damage.
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    @Soviet getting attention from all the guys the way he likes it.
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    PUG Rules. 1.During The Match Leaving is Not Allowed Unless It's One Of The First Three Rounds and Bringing Someone Else To Handover. 2. Respect Is Needed Specially in This Mode so Give Respect To Earn it. 3. Take Care Of Your Steam , It's Your Responsibility If You Are Banned For Cheats And You Claimed It's Your Brother Etc .. Stay Aware Of That. 4. English Is Preferred in Here To Communicate Better. 5. Respect The Admin's Decisions And If You Don't Like It You Can Report Them. 6. If The Admin Asked You To Post Your Demo/Screenshots And You Refused You Will be Consider As A Cheater And Going To Get Permanent Ban .
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    @Kryptex hold up, next time if i ask yall yo review it first, ill close it too :)) If i wanted you to review it first means I have something to say. @Boy:) do you use hyperscroll to do this?
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    I have a suggestion I don't know if it is possible or not. Would it be possible to have some sort of betting/gambling system for ammo paks that can be played when you are dead? Like dice roll or high card or something simple like that? That way ppl who are dead can pass the time easier.
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    1. Map nomination is not working. 2. Admin cannot see alive player chat while in spec. 3. Can we increase the map time limit? 18 mins for each map feel kinda short to me. If possible please increase it to 25-30mins.
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    Hello All, Since I keep seeing people asking about server IPs. Here it is: D2 Classic ZE ZP CSO MOD JB PUG D2, Classic, ZE, ZP are all on boost. Working on JB. I will try to boost CSO Mod this weekend. Pug does not need boost.
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    Name: DefofChaos Age 34 Country: United States What are your hobbies ? Playing Video Games How did you find us ? Literally started playing 1.6 again after 13 years and found the server Favorite game : Dota 2
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    Sup Guys, As you know servers been laggy lately. We decide to do a test and move our D2 server to a new hosting platform. With that comes with a new IP. So all disregard the old IP and use this. Same d2 server just with a new IP. Thanks @plank let your team know.
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    Hello there, As you may know I designed a new front page for GamerClub so I would like to ask you guys to let me know if there is any issues that it needs to be fixed or any suggestion that could improve it. I custom coded everything so there should be some issues here and there. That's the latest addition to the front page "Top member" there is a lot of stuff missing but I hope I can get everything finished this year. Captcha issue So I know some of you had issue with your captcha there is a solution for that... make sure to clear your cache and it will be back to normal 40 mins pass after solving the captcha, I know it's annoying but it's for security purposes. How to clear cache on chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en Thank you.
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    @oLdGamer is a top member? Please fix this bug. Ty
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    @Xix0r He is accepted as permanent administrator, welcome to the blue team.
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    You have like 14k AP, right? I remember seeing that name on the server and I thought it was you but using different nick. Being an admin, you still cannot set the password for your ID because we are not using it. My best suggestion is you should change and use Full steam CS as that changer will not work with full steam. We also cannot ban him as in the end it's still your ID. Another solution is, maybe ZP can add a plugin that will automatically ban player that using that changer. I know some servers are using it and I think it will be great if GC can have it on all server. Anyway, it's up to the higher-up to decide. @Daniel @shado @[email protected] @The Girl @GoOoD I'm sorry for tagging you guys, but I think this problem is something we should pay attention too especially the player traffic is increasing same with the cheater and evader.
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    4. certain maps, have the label of another community !! (top left) 5. gag command it does not work! 6. Could you add the glow_rgb command (long before I saw the command and not now) 7. It is not seen, the laser mine when planting it! 8. login to the server! no choice .. TT-CT .. only certain maps have! 9. Add the plugin to verify the fps in the player. ! (it will be easier to detect) (updated)
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    Wanted to share 2 funny pictures of some ZP fun. First is a box door wall, made by @The Girl and myself. The 2nd is a survivor round that took place, quite a scene to get to late.
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    Added @Vengeantta as donator. Thank you for your support.
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    Go go go legend killers!!! Zp rocks!!
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    That still counts as glitching. I'll edit the rules to clarify that: "Mixing of any kind of weapons (Golden AK + AKM, Violin+ Rock Guitar etc.) is not allowed." Next time dont tag the owners, tag the staff of the server which is @Dantes in this case. Feel free to correct me, I'll close this now.
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    Yep that's what I meant. Tell your team.
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    https://gamerclub.net/amxbans/ban_list.php?bid=60356 You were banned here ages ago.