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  2. Ward

    Im new

    My name is ward. Im new here. I have steam cs1.6 . Im very cool on other servers and very popular
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  6. SimplyKnight

    Cs1.6 Zombie Mod IN 2019 ( LgK-Community )

    Cs1.6 Zombie Mod IN 2019 ( LgK-Community )
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  8. bad girl

    Suggestions for ZE

    well,red dragon seem right,if someone want to get xp daily he need to log on+play like 1h for exemple ,at least to make players have reason to log on but i think getting xp daily is not that good we already got party to help,maybe making a period of time witch u can take double xp or something like that if u log and play in that time will help much more
  9. Backspace

    wheres the hlstats?

    finally can i browse the forum. i cant open the hlstats for zp now. it used to be a good tool detecting hackers.
  10. Vitamin-C

    Zombie Escape Server Suggestions

    hello, i suggest removing the proximity mode of the nades, the must of rounds humans just escape by placing them around they dont even do any effort, so it give bad experience of the what so called [zombie escape], second suggestions is to decrease the knock back amount because its too much thanks for reading my suggestions
  11. [M]

    [M] 's cheater report

    Cheaters name Most Wanted^^ Cheaters steamID VALVE_5:0:1630644112 45 40:52 174 0 Server Zombie Plague Describe the hacker he was teaming with another players Proof / Demo Proof 2 (if you have it): Proof 3 (if you have it): ElmerandMost.dem Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
  12. [M]

    [M] 's cheater report

    Cheaters name L|S {Elmer} Cheaters steamID VALVE_5:0:91186194 48 23:22 158 0 Server Zombie Plague Describe the hacker he was teaming with another players Proof / Demo ElmerandMost.dem Proof 2 (if you have it): Proof 3 (if you have it): Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
  13. RedBuLL

    Suggestions for ZE

    If you don’t breath for more than 30 seconds you get xp
  14. Princess99Samantha

    Suggestions for ZE

    Yeah that sounds good
  15. Red_DragoN

    Suggestions for ZE

    Well its easy to connect and disconnect, maybe you should play for like hour a day to get that since it's large amount of XP you just mentioned.
  16. Princess99Samantha

    Suggestions for ZE

    I would also like to add that this would restart over back at 1 day if you miss a day as well.
  17. Princess99Samantha

    Suggestions for ZE

    Is this for the forum or servers (including which server): Zombie Escape Your suggestion: Everyday you log in you get a certain ammount of xp. For example: 1 day 10 xp, 2 days 20 xp, 5 days 30 xp, 10 days 50xp, 1 month 200xp. Doing this would help populate the server without having to boost it. It would be catching the eyes of the players to join more consistently. If you would like to add this feel free to change the xp to what you would want. Thanks for hearing me out have a blessed day!! Any link or useful additional information:
  18. HeyZus

    zombie servers

    no comment
  19. Mohamed

    Zombie Escape Changelog

    ● Fixed the party name in the hud. ● Added nightvision for spectators. ● Updated nightvision for zombies. ● Added warn menu & "Go spec" option to admin menu. ● Changed prices for all items. ● Reduced the radius of fire & frost nades to make the game harder. ● Minor bugs fixed.
  20. Silas

    GC, oh boy we hate crisis dont we?

    Thanks Des, I'll see what I can do next check.
  21. Alright, so to make this short and not create a big essay here. I have everything to put the servers up within a day, but the thing is we spent most of the money to recover forums and get a security for it. We need a new machine, there was an updated by Valve which dont allow non-steamers to join servers with the previous machine, so we need what we call " not managed VDS" in order to have everything running smoothly as before. We are running out of money, with 40 dollars I believe we can get everything back. Shiro is currently away to help us financially, so if some wanna collaborate we can bring servers up. We will have to wait more and more. I got everything settled to bring the servers within a day if we get the money.
  22. Thanks Des. Also, what's with the site giving me an "error 1015?" I'm not sure if this is on my end or on the forum side of things. It's tremendously inconvenient when all I'm trying to do is review recent forum posts and check my inbox : )
  23. I'll be making a post tomorrow.
  24. Skewed here... First, I'd like to make clear my intentions. I share these thoughts and questions openly, candidly, and without a personal vendetta or any hostility toward anyone. One expects server outages from time to time and, when things are significant, one then expects an update. The majority of the GC community servers once available to the public are not available -- fine, it happens. They went down weeks ago though, and there's been an astonishingly limited amount of information available either to admins or to the public regarding the status of these servers and what's being done to resolve and make active again. What happened to the servers? When should we expect them online again, if ever? Why is information difficult to come by? We've had time to make updates to the community forum, so why not a short post about the servers and their status? I'm an easy going individual, and I also have a fair sense of what's right. One expects a community to... communicate... with each other. The longer this goes on, the longer members like myself will question the seriousness and/or ability of the community leadership to maintain and subsequently grow the membership and activity within the community. Your candid response is appreciated, and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks, Skewed
  25. Daniel

    Princess99Samantha 's Admin Abuse report

    I will check the demo today once i’m home. The other thing i’m gonna mention is there’s some places in maps where people defend and zombies have no chance to get through. Yes, defending is allowed, but there’s a limit defending because the humans have more advantages. I’m gonna set some camp meters today, that’ll fix everything about defending/camping.
  26. oLdGamer

    riVEEEEEEEER 's Admin Abuse report

    well if a player breaking rules in ze server leads in slay , river what warning admins will give to them? slap? nah she did her job as admin and if he keep breaking rules leads in ban. so first warning is slay, at this point i actually don't see any abuse in this case. @bad girldo not use the powers to other admins, is not allowed. If you see around admins who break the rules feel free to contact with mohamad or daniel. not enough evidence / archived.
  27. HeyZus

    riVEEEEEEEER 's Admin Abuse report

    I've been holding back for weeks....someone of authority/staff/higher should take care of this, I as SM don't understand why no Staff is committed to this server as it is popular and the only server up right now. No offense, I'll learn the rules if you want me to butt in officially and take care of this nonsense
  28. Dantes

    riVEEEEEEEER 's Admin Abuse report

    I will take the abuse to close this. I only see fights between yourselves, something not pleasant @Danielopen this when you have your decision
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